What Inspired Seamm to Merge Fashion and Gaming – with Marina Martianova

Today's guest is Marina Martianova, founder and CEO of Seamm. Marina is a serial entrepreneur who launched her first successful startup at the age of 21 and grew it to an over $1M run rate with $2.5K initial investments. Now, she is the founder and CEO of Seamm, a U.S.-based startup, the first to create digital twins of real-world fashion collections for virtual worlds.

The Fashion Industry Goes Digital: Introducing Seamm, a Startup Bridging the Gap between Real-World and Virtual Worlds

In the fast-paced world of fashion, keeping up with the latest trends and innovations is crucial. The rise of digital technologies has caused a significant shift in the way the fashion industry operates, and startups like Seamm are leading the way in bridging the gap between real-world and virtual worlds. Founded by serial entrepreneur Marina Nova, Seamm's mission is to provide a one-stop shop for fashion brands, gaming companies, and users, allowing them to fully express their identity in every reality.

Marina's passion for fashion and her brother's love of video games sparked the idea for Seamm. Growing up, Marina dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, creating clothes for her Barbies, while her brother introduced her to the world of video games. When she exited her previous successful startup, Candice, a foodtech company for desserts with no added sugar, she saw the opportunity to merge her two favorite markets into a successful business. With the support of an investor who believed in her vision, Marina founded Seamm in 2021 with the goal of creating digital twins of real-world fashion collections for virtual worlds.

Seamm's app allows customers to purchase an item from a store and have its digital twin in their virtual wardrobe. Not only does this serve aesthetic purposes, but it also provides valuable insights for brands. Brands can gain a better understanding of customer preferences and offer discounts, access to limited-edition collections, and even tickets to shows. The technology behind Seamm's product is complex, and the team has had to go through a process of learning and trial and error. However, Marina's dedication, research, and a little bit of luck have allowed her to bring her vision to life.

As Seamm continues to grow, they are working on creating a peer-to-peer marketplace where customers can resell items and interact with digital fashion in new ways. The startup is also focused on promoting sustainability in the fashion industry, providing opportunities for brands to be more environmentally conscious in their production processes.

In conclusion, Seamm is at the forefront of the digital age in the fashion industry, providing customers with the ability to express themselves in both the real world and virtual reality. With Marina's passion for fashion and her brother's love of video games, Seamm is paving the way for the future of digital fashion and changing the game for both brands and customers.

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[00:47] What is your background story? 

[01:54] Can you explain concept behind Seamm, and how it's different from other digital fashion platforms? 

[02:35] How does Seamm aid physical fashion brands in expanding their reach and establishing a virtual presence? 

[04:59] How does the mobile app work? 

[06:07] How does Seamm help fashion brands in conducting research and testing, improving their digital presence, and providing benefits? 

[08:24] Can you share details about any brand collaborations or partnerships? 

[09:40] What is your vision for impacting the fashion industry with Seamm? 

[09:55] How will Seamm shape the future of digital fashion? 

[12:06] How does Seamm ensure the authenticity of purchased items? 

[13:10] How does the buying and selling of digital fashion on Seamm work? Is there a marketplace available? 

[13:52] What can you share about Seamm's future plans for the next year or few years? 

[14:57] Did Seamm encounter challenges and how were they overcome? 

[15:57] What was the process of finding investors for Seamm, and did prior experience and network make it easier? 

[18:12] What advice would you give to individuals interested in starting a business, based on your experience starting two businesses? 

[21:28] Where can people learn more about Seamm and connect with you? 



"People can imagine by the digital fashion, but they can also sell it...How does that work? Do you have a marketplace where that can happen?" 

"So now we have a marketplace where they can purchase it initially from brands, but we're working on a peer-to-peer marketplace where they will be able to resell it to each other." 

"Our key goal is to give as many benefits to consumers as we can...to help consumers to engage with digital fashion and make digital fashion actually useful." 

"I think every company needs challenges, no matter the size...we had to go through a huge learning process." 

"The main challenge was I was looking for something in the fashion industry...But then I had this idea and when I looked at the numbers, I was like, okay, I need to find an investor who would believe in that." 




LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marina-martianova-84198810a/ 

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