About Joeri Billast

Welcome to the thrilling landscape of Web3, a realm of limitless possibilities and revolutionary technologies. I'm Joeri Billast, your committed Fractional CMO, seasoned Marketing Strategist, and dynamic Web3 and AI Specialist, proficiently steering businesses like yours through the exhilarating world of Web3.

In this digital age where tech giants like Meta, Microsoft, and Siemens are investing heavily in the potential of Web3 technologies like the Metaverse, NFTs, blockchain and AI, it's clear that Web3 is not just a fleeting trend. It's a powerful vehicle for business innovation, expansion, and the democratization of the digital world.

 Joeri Billast ranked as the number 1 LinkedIn creator in the Web3 space in Belgium

One of the bigger influencer agencies in Europe ranked Joeri as the number 1 LinkedIn creator in the Web3 space in Belgium ("Fintech & crypto" they call it)

Navigating these uncharted waters of Web3 and effectively implementing these new technologies can be challenging, especially if you're just beginning your journey. That's where I step in. With over 20 years of enriching experience as a digital enabler in business intelligence, digital marketing, business strategy, and financial analysis, I'm well-equipped to guide your business into the thriving world of Web3, including AI.

Joeri Billast, the Web3 CMO

Joeri Billast, the Web3 CMO

In addition to Web3, I also leverage AI for augmenting productivity and personalization in marketing. Through data analysis, customer segmentation, predictive modeling, and automated communications, I seamlessly integrate AI to streamline operations and deliver personalized experiences.

Whether you're contemplating launching an NFT collection, integrating your business into the Metaverse, or intrigued by the transparency and security of blockchain, or want to use AI for more efficiency and personalisation, I'm here to guide you at every step, ensuring you unlock the transformative power of these tools effectively.

My mission is to make Web3 and AI technologies accessible and beneficial for all businesses. In line with this, I offer a broad array of services, from Fractional CMO consulting, AI-integrated marketing strategies to community building and educational workshops. Furthermore, I share my insights and experiences through my podcast "Web3 CMO Stories," blog posts, and the engaging 'W3X Marketing Mastermind,' a collaborative group for entrepreneurs in the Web3 and AI space, with similar goals and challenges.

It's time to future-proof your business for the decentralized, AI-driven world. Let's start a conversation today to explore how Web3 and AI can revolutionize your marketing strategies and business operations. I provide strategic advice, tailor-made to align with your unique goals and needs.

The realm of Web3 is filled with infinite opportunities - let's navigate this exciting journey together. Get in touch with me today for a free consultation, and learn more about how I can assist you. Welcome to the future - it's here, it's decentralized, and it's powered by AI!