How Are Crypto Tech Women Changing the Web3 Space – with Gigi Skarlett

Today I'm joined by Gianina "Gigi" Skarlett. She is the Venezuelan Founder & CEO of Crypto Tech Women and W3 Learn Academy

In this episode, Gigi dives into the world of Web3 and explores the impact of Crypto Tech Women. She discusses the power of education when it comes to understanding Web3 and gives an overview of cryptocurrency wallets. Gigi also talks about the potential of non-fungible tokens and how they are revolutionizing the digital asset space. 

Finally, Gigi explains how to make Web3 more accessible and user-friendly and shares her key takeaways. Listen in to learn more about the exciting world of Web3 and the potential of crypto tech women!

The world of crypto and Web3 technology has been traditionally male-dominated, but that is changing rapidly as more and more women are entering the space and making their mark. One of these women is Gigi Skarlett, a blockchain and Web3 expert who has been a trailblazer in this field.
Gigi is a prominent crypto and Web3 entrepreneur, advisor, and influencer. She has been involved in the crypto space for several years and has been instrumental in helping many startups and established companies navigate the rapidly changing crypto landscape. In our conversation, she spoke about how women are changing the Web3 space and what the future holds for this emerging industry.
One of the most important ways that women are changing the Web3 space is through their unique perspectives. Women bring a diverse range of skills and experiences to the table, and this diversity is leading to more innovation in the industry. This is because women are able to approach problems from different angles and bring new ideas to the table. For example, many women in the Web3 space are focused on making blockchain and cryptocurrency more accessible and user-friendly for everyone, which is helping to drive adoption and make the technology more mainstream.
Another way that women are changing the Web3 space is by being vocal advocates for the technology. They are spreading the word about the potential of blockchain and Web3 technology and encouraging more people, particularly women, to get involved. This is important because it is helping to diversify the industry and ensure that everyone has a voice in shaping its future.

Gigi is also a strong believer in the power of education. She is a strong advocate for providing education and resources to those who are interested in entering the Web3 space. She believes that education is key to empowering people and helping them understand the potential of blockchain and Web3 technology. She has been involved in several initiatives aimed at educating people about the technology and helping them get started with it.
One of the challenges that women face in the Web3 space is a lack of representation and visibility. Women are often underrepresented in the industry, and this can make it difficult for them to have a voice and be heard. However, women like Gigi are changing this by being vocal advocates and creating spaces where women can come together and share their experiences. This is helping to create a more inclusive and diverse industry and ensuring that everyone has a chance to participate.
The future of the Web3 space is incredibly exciting, and women are playing a big role in shaping it. Gigi believes that the industry is at a turning point, and that we are just beginning to see the potential of what is possible. She believes that the Web3 space has the potential to change the world for the better and that women will play a big role in making this happen.
In conclusion, the role of women in the Web3 space is becoming increasingly important. They are changing the industry with their unique perspectives, advocacy, and education efforts. Women like Gigi are helping to make the industry more inclusive and diverse, and their contributions are helping to shape the future of the technology. The future of the Web3 space is incredibly exciting, and it is thrilling to see how women are playing a big role in shaping it.

Joeri Billast and Gianina "Gigi" Skarlett on the CMO Stories podcast

Joeri Billast and Gianina "Gigi" Skarlett at the Crypto Business conference 2022 in San Diego

KEY HIGHLIGHTS  (see clickable version on

[00:31] Who is Gigi Skarlett? 

[01:12] How did you start working at a Silicon Valley company and enter the Web3 space? 

[04:31] When did you first consider the idea of Crypto tech Women? 

[06:13] What inspired you to start an NFT project and launch a collection? 

[09:15] Is having a passion for what you do a key theme for starting your own NFT project or collection? 

[10:23] What is the mission of the Crypto Tech Women community and how are they working towards automation? 

[11:36] Do you ensure that this culture is nurtured within the community? 

[12:40] What factors contributed to the fast growth of your community and the quick sell-out of your collection? 

[15:18] How does your experience as a woman in the Web3 space compare to that of others in the industry, and do you feel that your gender has an impact on your experience in the space? 

[17:33] What can you share about the future plans and next phases of your upcoming projects? 

[20:01] Why is it important to educate people about Web3 technology, and what role does education play in the current context? 

[22:22] Do you believe that Web3 technology, including NFTs, will experience increased adoption and wider acceptance in the near future, and if so, how soon do you think this shift will occur? 

[24:53] Where would be the best place for someone to connect with you, Gigi? 

Gianina "Gigi" Skarlett on the CMO Stories podcast

Gianina "Gigi" Skarlett


"I think even before you have a wallet, who cares if you have a wallet, if you don't know how to use it or why to use it, right?" 

"I think 2021 was, hey, some people are starting to get in here. There's big players making moves." 

"It's not like Web3 is the easiest thing to market and explain." 

“We want to make sure that the users understand what they’re buying, who's creating it and who’s selling it.” 

“The whole idea is to make sure it’s easy for users to come in, easy for artists to come in, and for them to understand the technology.” 

“We want to make sure that we are building a platform where users can be in control of their own data and also be in control of their own digital identities.” 

“We want to make sure that people can start using decentralized apps and they can start using Web3 products without having to know the difference between Web2 and Web3.” 

How Are Crypto Tech Women Changing the Web3 Space – with Gigi Skarlett

How Are Crypto Tech Women Changing the Web3 Space – with Gigi Skarlett


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