[Web Summit 2022] Why a New Era of Healthcare is Dawning with Web3 – with Christin Günther

Christin Günther is the co-founder and CMO of Biomes. Talking about her company ‘Biomes’ she stated that 10 years ago the CEO of Biomes Dr. Paul Hammer got to know a magical technology that can transform biological DNA into digital DNA and decode it can help people learn everything they need to learn to stay healthy. Christin said the company wanted to take the most exciting technologies out of closed labs and make them accessible to everyone so they developed a product based on that technology.

Diving into the company’s history, Christin stated that its prime goal was to make healthcare and technology accessible to everyone. 5 years ago, her company launched Europe’s first gut microbiome DNA analysis to study an incredibly interesting idea of the second genome. The first genome is the one people get from their parents. But the second genome is what makes a person more of a bacterium than a human. She described that people become transportive of bacteria and have billions of those little bugs in and out of their bodies, and the majority of them live in their intestines, and these bacteria have DNA. Decoding that DNA forms the second genome of a person, also called the microbiome.

Christin stated that analyzing the second genome can give specialists insight into a person’s health like what bacteria are beneficial, or harmful for him, or what they should eat, etc. Christin further sheds light upon how their business requires expensive machinery to run smoothly and the cost of marketing such businesses is very high which is a huge challenge for her.

Christin is very confident about biomes and mentioned that the company is in the process of overcoming most of its challenges because she believes that good products sell themselves. Her company had put a lot of effort into classic PR because no one knew about microbiome or DNA testing in Germany when they founded the company. They put these topics on the journalist's agenda and when the national German newspaper Der Spiegel mentioned them, it become a turning point for their business. Now that digitalization has kicked in SEO, SEA, and paid social media have become their prime focus to attract the audience.

Talking about Web3 marketing, Christin believes the opportunities are many but her biggest hope is decentralization. Tying it to the challenges her business faced, she mentioned that dependency on platforms was their biggest challenge. During the first 2 years of their business, SEO lifted them. They were putting a lot of effort into SEO and it became fruitful for them. But the last year’s medical update of Google's algorithm crashed their business. The team worked hard on rebuilding the website but it did not help them enough. Christin further compared Web1, Web2, and Web3 stating that Web3 offers ownership that allows people to take their audience wherever they want without depending on the platforms that could help businesses like theirs.

Christin believes Web3 has amazing opportunities for all businesses but especially the medical field. Taking a deep insight into those opportunities, she stated that owning genomic data on the blockchain and having personal data on the Metaverse can open a lot of doors for people. People can use their data to search for a nutritionist or a physician from all across the world and they would not need to go to a doctor anymore. They can also donate their data to be examined in interesting research. In short, blockchain and Web3 can help people own their data and use it in whatever way they want to use it.

Shedding light on a research project Christin’s company is currently doing by using the data of their clients, she said that the gut microbiome tests her company is doing help people find out how the bacteria can improve their immune system, sleep, and digestion. In addition to this, her company is working on an algorithm that can detect early-stage diabetes, and diabetes type 3 can be stopped if you detect it at an early stage. Tying her company’s research and algorithm back to the blockchain when everyone is the owner of their genomic data, Christin mentioned that people can not only understand their health better in Metaverse but can connect to a specialist from around the world within seconds in the Metaverse and can also donate their data to meaningful research projects.

Talking about the future and usability of Web3, Christin gave the example of a Metaverse platform, Decentraland, that only has just a couple hundred users using it per month. She wants such platforms to work on user-friendliness so people can get attracted to them. She also appreciated Facebook which is investing a lot of money in Metaverse. According to her, it’ll take a couple of years even a decade for Metaverse to become accessible to everyone.

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[04:50] How did you overcome that big challenge? 

[06:55] Is Web3 marketing useful for you?

[09:11] Sharing thoughts on reach/dependencies 

[11:34] Are you considering yourself knowledgeable about the Web3 space? Are you learning and how are you learning about it? 

[14:04] Sharing thoughts on the future of web3/ changes coming. 

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"We really want to take the most exciting technologies out from closed laboratories and make it accessible for everyone.” 

“Web1 was I can read and I can access websites. There's nothing else I could do. Web2 could participate. I could go to a forum, and I could upload my content, whereas I did that phase. And web3 now is about ownership. I own my data.” 





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