[Web Summit 2022] How Crypto Megan Became a Crypto Influencer and NFT Investor – with Megan Nilsson

Megan Nilsson is a high-end Crypto and NFT portfolio consultant from Spain. She helps individuals, companies, and celebrities with their web3 strategies. Megan is also a proud member of ecosystems like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Doodles, and World of Women. Megan is known as “Crypto Megan”. Megan did a Masters in digitizing companies in Spain in 2019, Megan has worked for several startups in Spain. Now she lives in Marbella doing research on Crypto coins since 2018 and managing her portfolio.

Megan decided to do lectures for a country club in Marbella, at the very beginning it was like a room full of white males and few women only, and as the lectures went on women would appear. People wanted to hear about its people wanted to learn about it. Then Megan decided to spread Crypto literacy and bring normal people to the Web3 industry. She tried to pursue women from different classes to get into Web3.

While praising the authentic startups Megan shared her views on advancements and updates in the Web3 universe. Attending Web Summit, I was surprised to see that more and more people are taking interest in the potential growth of the crypto industry. Web Summit had two days of crypto events this year and I think it’s amazing to see the evolution and adaption in just a matter of a few years. Megan said she enjoys attending bigger tech conferences and bringing crypto into tech and believe the most important part is educating women who haven’t been a part of the last technology wave prominently.

The recent Crypto crash exposed many fake projects and Megan is doing to part to help friends and companies to build in a meaningful way in web3, and get involved in a meaningful way because there have been some flop projects attached to celebrities and big companies. Megan thinks women haven’t previously fulfilled these roles in the industry so women and minorities think they don’t check all the boxes and they don’t show up for the job because they are afraid to fail. Men step up and they think “I am going do this and if it fails, I can do it again” and women think they just have a single shot.

Discussing the role of social media; she thinks for Web3 marketing different social media have different purposes. Twitter is more like a Web3 space but Instagram reaches the mainstream and masses if you want to appeal mainstream. Megan praises Starbucks and thinks NFTs and crypto adoption should be made simpler. Talking about discord NFT communities, she mentioned grown men were so into the Bored Ape yacht club and she started taking an interest in this NFT collection. “BAYC” wasn’t worth much at that time. She asked a lot of my friends and guys in the country club to pay attention to it, and a lot of them bought them, and then it started to take off and went to 100 ETH floor price.

Referring to the current Crypto bear market, Megan shared that she would like to break it down in numbers. We are about 300 million crypto users now and according to the user curve; we are looking at 3.4 billion people using crypto coins at the end of the decade. Users can also compare it to the beginning of the internet. As creators and it’s exciting to be a part of the initial movement. As creators, we have the responsibility to work in the right direction and in a meaningful way that people can understand and trust. I want people to just trust the message that is being spread and to be a part of web3 communities in a confident way.

Crypto Megan

Megan believes Discord is the right place for beginners, everybody is trying to help you on discord, and that’s overwhelming. Now she prefers Twitter for her friends and clients circle, she has a private Twitter group, and private chats where they interact and help each other. Megan said Twitter Spaces are very engaging. Everybody shares his experiences and the Crypto experts give meaningful advice to the juniors on Dos and Don’ts. She thinks Elon is going to make Twitter even better and Twitter is going to be the main source of Web3 information and platform for Crypto/NFT communities.

Talking about the importance of PFP culture, Megan shared her views that I did think a lot about “BAYC” and what makes the NFTs unique is the identification that everybody identifies the “APE”. People feel good to be a part of a famous community. That is why it is very important and encouraging for people to be authenticated. Megan mentioned that Justin hired a full-time team for the design of the “Moonbirds” NFT collection to make them diverse and inclusive.

Crypto Megan on the Web3 CMO Stories podcast

Addressing the current market conditions Megan thinks this bear market is one of the rarest buying opportunities. Megan calls it a golden zone and mentioned that I understand the economy, Fear, and geopolitical situations but I also understand the charts deeply and think that this is the extreme bottom. Megan emphasizes that nobody can time the market, the best way to go is to look for the utility and prospects. Megan mentioned that she holds Ethereum in huge quantity and believes in long-term holdings and she was lucky enough to gain 65x on Cardano because I got in at the extreme bottom. Her clients are very optimistic, Megan thinks everyone understands the history of crypto, and Bitcoin and believes in the value then people will buy in this trajectory.

Megan closed by sharing the exciting news that she is going to work with Kevin O’Leary, a famous business man. Megan also shared her ways of researching and checking authenticity: she isnow going directly to the source. Doing world tours helps her to have access to the founders and shes ask them what is going on with their team and what they are working on. After that, she manages allocations according to the projects: high-risk low allocations, and lower-risk higher allocations. Megan mentioned that she is starting  a podcast too later this year and everybody can reach out to her on social media platforms.

Crypto Megan and Joeri Billast on CMO Stories podcast

KEY HIGHLIGHTS  (see clickable version on www.cmo-stories.com)

[00:47] Who is Megan Nilsson? 

[01:14] Tell us a bit about how your crypto journey started and when did you join the NFT communities? 

[04:34] What are the next stages that you're going to spread the word about women in crypto? 

[05:42] Do you think there is a particular challenge that women have that men don't when it comes to NFTs? 

[07:16] How do you see the link between web3 and  web2 in social media? Or do you see other channels for that? 

[08:33] How did you start and what's your experience with investing in NFTs? 

[10:27] Looking at Gartner’s hype curve, crypto is in the deceptive phase, and the Metaverse is still in the beginning. So, how do you see where we are now and where it will evolve?  

[11:38] Would you advise people to go to discord? 

[14:16] Would you say that Twitter is the main social media to go for web3? 

[15:27] Is the design of NFTs important for people or more like, the utilities? 

[16:55] What do you think about the current crypto market? 

[18:33] Is it needed to have enough people to believe what it is and say that Bitcoin holds value? 

[19:50] Are you focusing on Bitcoins or Etherium? 

[20:53] Where do you get your information? 

[21:33] If people want to connect with you what would be the best way? 


"I think different social media have different purposes." 

"Get it early, set it, and forget it." 


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cryptomegan/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/megan_crypto 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@CryptoMegan 



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