[Web Summit 2022] How Giovanna Produced the Metaverse Fashion Week at Decentraland – with Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro

Giovanna is a metaverse producer at Decentraland. She is the head of metaverse fashion week. A professional with more than a decade of experience in digital design and the XR industry.

Giovanna thinks that the metaverse is in the process right now Because the industry is facing technical limitations. She added that we are at the beginning of setting up the first unified world. Currently, it feels like to be working on the basic tools. Giovanna believes the evolution of multimedia took decades. We should not take for granted that the metaverse is “the term of the present” and is the continuation of the digital world discovered through the cinema industry.

Referring to Interoperability between different metaverses, Giovanna mentioned it definitely is the key but we should not always focus on the technical solutions. For example, the Decentraland and Spatial community “Spatians” started doing cross-metaverse events by streaming each other for awareness purposes. Giovanna thinks that a more ideological step for a better metaverse alliance.

Giovanna shares an interesting perspective on the metaverse, saying that metaverse is like a planet. We have different countries and cities and go to all of those and interact with the communities. That these communities are part of the same realm but reside in different metaverses of the same planet. Each metaverse/platform carries its particularity, Decentraland is the first decentralized virtual world, which means where the owner is the ruler. That means all the rules and laws of Decentraland are decided by the users. So, it is a decentralized system of governance called DAO.

Praising the “Spatial” metaverse Giovanna said she is also a big fan of the “Spatial” metaverse. Spatial have their aesthetics. They have a different approach to usability which works. They are very good at arranging VIP events and community gatherings. The Decentraland and the Spatial are two different metaverses with unique functionalities.

How Giovanna Produced the Metaverse Fashion Week at Decentraland – with Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro

Talking about fashion week, Giovanna unveiled the truth is that fashion week came a lot out of our community. We do have a lot of creators that create a lot of digital garments and wearables. There was a weak community inside the Decentraland and we connected those creators with the outside world in the end, we successfully connected outside brands with our Decentraland creators. For example, we connected Dolce & Gabbana to build their digital garments from the creators of Decentraland.

Discussing Decentraland’s last “Fashion week” which took place on March 24th, 2022, Giovanna mentioned that it had around 70 brands, which was a lot. Decentraland was very open in terms of creation so we communicated with our community, worked with peers of our community and launched a “fashion district” and take 12 luxury brands on board for the upcoming fashion weeks. Giovanna shared insights on the next fashion week happening in March 2023, that Decentraland is working on more specific tracks for new designers and streetwear.

Decentraland would love to see cross-metaverse events. And different metaverses working with each other to put together festivals. Giovanna believes more brands are coming forward to find new utility for NFTs, right now NFTs are heavily associated with PFPs. And brands are now thinking about what can we do with NFTs, May be royalty programs or memberships programs. She mentioned Gucci is doing an excellent job in the metaverse. And also, Dolce & Gabbana is on the collection on Metaverse fashion week with their Mystery box for the D&G family, Giving access to real-world events.

Giovanna closed by saying that I still think we need to educate and include Web2 companies and try building more bridges between Web2 and Web3. And last fashion week was more Web3 focused and in the next Fashion week, we are looking toward social media and AR and our audience can expect cool surprises. She added coming from Web2, it’s a big shift in mindset and a cultural shift and Web3 companies should work more on normalizing the framework, and infrastructure, Safely, and awareness of digital wallets. 

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[00:48] Who is Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro? 

[01:24] What do you think is the state of the current Metaverse? 

[03:06] How do you see this evolution of Metaverse? Do people talk a lot about interoperability? 

[04:16] If Decentraland is a land or a continent in this Metaverse world. How is this different from the others? 

[05:45] What inspires you to organize and produce the fashion week? 

[06:50] How did you choose the designers or the brands to participate in the fashion week? 

[08:00] When is the next event taking place? 

[08:16] How do you see this evolving the future of the fashion metaverse? Is there a trend? Will there be more shows like this in the metaverse? 

[09:25] Is there one brand that you think might do well on metaverse, or nfts, or web3? 

[10:29] Who are the people that are watching the show? Are they already in web3 or do you use web2 marketing techniques to attract them? 

[13:00] If people want to know more about you or about the Decentraland, where can we send them to? 



“Definitely interoperability is key.” 

“Metaverse is like the planet. You have different countries; different cities and you go to all of those. And I think the Decentralanders and Spatians are like maybe citizens from different universes, but they all belong to the same planet to of the metaverse.” 




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