Web3 Space Odyssey at Web Summit 2023: Key Insights and Emerging Opportunities

Get ready for a thrilling journey as I unveil a line-up of insightful chats with influential figures in the Web3 space. Be on the edge of your seat as I reveal my riveting conversations with the likes of Crypto Megan, Ethan Pierse, Daniela Braga, Evelyn Mora and  Sarah Al Hussaini.

Hold on tight as we navigate the intricate patterns of the Web3 Doers community, bask in the glow of in-person connections, and marvel at the innovative leaps of Thomas Valera's startup, TrueHandle. Hop on the ride as we explore the labyrinth of the Web Summit, picking up valuable survival tips from myself and sharing in the excitement of Andrew and Pete's inaugural experience. And last but not least, find out more about the upcoming Presence Group event: "A Taste of the Metaverse" 

Embarking on the Web3 CMO Story's Podcast Journey

Ever wondered how a podcast evolves and grows? Let's dive into the journey of the Web3 CMO Stories podcast, which has transformed from its humble beginnings at a single event to exploring vast topics in marketing and digital technology.

The story begins with Joeri Billast, who took a leap of faith by starting his own podcast at the Web Summit. Initially focusing on Chief Marketing Officers' stories, he gradually expanded to cover general marketing subjects. Recognizing the growing importance of Web3 technologies, Joeri decided to shift his focus towards guests involved in this space, broadening discussions beyond just blockchain and NFTs.

This evolution is significant as it reflects how podcasts can adapt and grow according to emerging trends. It also highlights how such platforms can provide valuable insights into new technologies that are shaping our world today.

In this article, we will delve deeper into Joeri’s journey - from notable guest interviews at the summit to networking experiences and future goals for his podcast. So buckle up for an exciting ride!

The Journey of the Web3 CMO Stories Podcast

The Web3 CMO Stories podcast has come a long way since its inception at the Web Summit. It all started when Joeri Billast, the host of the podcast, had the opportunity to book a podcast booth at the event. With no clear idea of what he was going to do, Joeri took a leap of faith and decided to start his own podcast. He reached out to CMOs attending the Web Summit and invited them to be guests on his show. The very first episode was recorded with Yaroslava, marking the beginning of a big adventure.

Initially, the podcast focused solely on CMOs and their stories. However, as time went on, Joeri expanded the scope of the podcast to cover general marketing and digital marketing subjects. He explored topics such as using books for marketing, leveraging LinkedIn, and building a community. But it wasn't until later that Joeri decided to shift his focus towards Web3 guests.

Recognizing the growing importance of Web3 technologies, Joeri made the decision to niche down and concentrate on people who were building in the Web3 space. This included individuals in industries such as fashion, education, and health, as well as marketers sharing their vision about Web3. Notable guests like Mark Schaefer, Joe Pulizzi, and Jay Acunzo were invited to share their insights on these emerging technologies.

As Joeri delved deeper into the world of Web3, he realized that it encompassed more than just blockchain and NFTs. He expanded his definition of Web3 to include everything related to the Metaverse and AI. This broadened his pool of potential guests and allowed for discussions on various subjects within the realm of Web3.

Joeri Billast at Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon

Joeri Billast at Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon

Notable Guests and Discussions at the Web Summit

Throughout his time at the Web Summit, Joeri had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with several notable guests. These discussions covered a wide range of topics related to Web3 and its impact on various industries.

2.1 Conversation with Crypto Megan, a Web3 strategy influencer and consultant

One of the guests Joeri had the pleasure of speaking with was Crypto Megan, a well-known influencer in the Web3 space. As a consultant for companies, investors, and celebrities, Crypto Megan has extensive knowledge and experience in Web3 strategy. She has been investing in crypto for a long time and is currently on a world tour sharing her insights. Joeri's conversation with Crypto Megan provided valuable insights into the world of Web3 strategy and its implications for businesses.

2.2 Interaction with Ethan Pierse, a Web3 Space expert and keynote speaker

Ethan Pierse, another prominent figure in the Web3 space, also joined Joeri for an insightful discussion. As an MC and keynote speaker at leading tech conferences, Ethan has deep expertise in the Web3 industry. He is particularly involved in the NFT Factory in Paris and has extensive knowledge to share about Web3, AI and sustainability. Joeri's conversation with Ethan shed light on these important aspects of the Web3 landscape.

2.3 Interview with Daniela Braga, founder and CEO at Defined AI

Danielle Braga, the founder and CEO of Defined AI, was another guest on Joeri's podcast at the Web Summit. As a World Economic Forum AI technology pioneer and recipient of numerous entrepreneurship awards, Danielle is an authority in the field of AI. She was even part of a twelve-person task force that advised the US president on AI strategy. Joeri's interview with Danielle delved into the fascinating world of AI and its implications for businesses and society.

2.4 Interview with Evelyn Mora, founder and CEO at VLGE

Evelyn is the founder and CEO of VLGE and is the first female founder to receive investment from L'Oréal Group. She works with clients such as Kering Group and Tesla. Evelyn shapes the future of digital spaces. 

2.5 Interview with Sarah Al Hussaini, co-founder and CEO of Ultimate

Joeri also had the opportunity to connect with Sarah Al Hussaini, the co-founder and CEO of Ultimate, a leading customer service automation platform. Sarah's expertise lies in the intersection of AI and customer service, making her a valuable guest for Joeri's podcast. Their interview explores the role of AI in customer service and its potential impact on businesses.

Networking and Community Building at the Web Summit

In addition to engaging in insightful conversations with notable guests, Joeri also prioritized networking and community building during his time at the Web Summit. These activities allowed him to connect with like-minded individuals and establish valuable relationships that can contribute to his professional growth.

3.1 Meeting with members of the Web3 Doers community

One of the highlights of Joeri's experience at the Web Summit was meeting fellow members Thomas Valera , Nicole A. Reznic and Rafael Simoes Miranda of the Web3 Doers community. This online community, dedicated to exploring and advancing the potential of Web3 technologies, provided a platform for Joeri to connect with individuals who share his passion for this emerging field. Meeting these community members in person at the event was an exciting opportunity to strengthen these connections and exchange ideas face-to-face.

3.2 Introduction to TrueHandle, a blockchain-based solution for social media handles

During his time at the Web Summit, Joeri had the pleasure of visiting the booth of Thomas Valera (as mentioned, a member of the Web3 Doers community). Thomas introduced Joeri to Truehandle, a startup that offers a blockchain-based solution for managing social media handles. This innovative platform allows users to consolidate their various social media accounts under one handle, making it easier for others to connect with them across different platforms. Joeri recognized the value of this solution in simplifying networking and establishing online presence, and he was impressed by Thomas' entrepreneurial spirit.

3.3 The importance of preparation and scheduling for maximizing the Web Summit experience

As someone who has attended the Web Summit multiple times, Joeri understands the importance of preparation and scheduling in order to make the most out of this large-scale event. He shared his insights with Andrew and Pete, two well-known marketers who were attending the Web Summit for the first time. Joeri emphasized the use of the Web Summit app as a valuable tool for planning and organizing one's schedule. By carefully selecting the sessions, talks, and networking opportunities that align with their interests and goals, attendees can ensure a more focused and productive experience at the event.

3.4 Tips for reaching out and establishing meaningful connections at the event

As a media presence at the Web Summit, Joeri received numerous requests from individuals looking to connect with him. To make the most of these interactions, Joeri shared some valuable tips for those reaching out to him or any other professionals at the event. He advised individuals to clearly communicate their reasons for wanting to connect and to articulate what they hope to gain from the meeting. By demonstrating a genuine interest in building meaningful connections and showing an understanding of the other person's work, individuals can increase their chances of establishing fruitful relationships.

Organizing Metaverse Events and Future Goals

In addition to his involvement in the Web Summit, Joeri has also been actively organizing events in the Metaverse. These events provide a unique and immersive experience for participants, allowing them to engage with the virtual world and explore the possibilities of Web3 technologies.

4.1 Organizing events in the Metaverse for the RISE and JUMP communities

Joeri has been organizing events in the Metaverse specifically for two communities: the rice community, founded by Mark Schaefer, and the gem community, founded by Jeff Kaufman. These events serve as platforms for individuals within these communities to come together, share insights, and discuss topics related to Web3 technologies. By hosting these events in the Metaverse, Joeri is able to create a dynamic and interactive environment that enhances the overall experience for participants.

4.2 Upcoming Metaverse event with Presence Group from Belgium

Joeri is excited to announce an upcoming Metaverse event in collaboration with Presence Group from Luxemburg. This event will cater to a larger audience, with plans to accommodate up to 100 participants. The event will feature various speakers who will share their expertise on different aspects of the Metaverse, including its applications in business and the legal considerations surrounding it. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in panel discussions, ask questions, and network with like-minded individuals.

4.3 Goals for the Web Summit: podcast recording, networking, and finding potential sponsors

While attending the Web Summit, Joeri had several goals in mind that he aimed to achieve during his time at the event. These goals included recording podcast episodes with industry experts, networking with fellow professionals, and exploring potential sponsorship opportunities for his podcast.

4.4 The potential for podcast sponsorship and the benefits for businesses

With over 135 episodes and a global ranking in the top 5%, Joeri's podcast has gained significant traction and a dedicated audience. As a result, Joeri recognizes the potential for podcast sponsorship as a mutually beneficial opportunity for both his podcast and businesses looking to reach his audience. By partnering with Joeri's podcast, businesses can gain exposure to a highly engaged and relevant audience, while Joeri can continue to provide valuable content to his listeners.

Wrapping Up the Web3 CMO Stories Podcast Journey

As we conclude our exploration of Joeri Billast's journey with his podcast, a few key points stand out:

  • The evolution of the podcast from focusing on CMO stories to exploring broader marketing topics and eventually niching down to Web3 technologies.
  • The insightful discussions held at the Web Summit with notable guests like Crypto Megan, Ethan Pierse, Daniela Braga, Evelyn Mora and Sarah Al Hussaini. These conversations shed light on various aspects of Web3 strategy, AI technology and customer service automation.
  • The importance placed on networking and community building during events such as the Web Summit. This includes meeting members of the online community 'Web3 Doers', learning about innovative startups like Truehandle, and sharing tips for maximizing event experiences.

With Joeri's active involvement in organizing Metaverse events for different communities and his future goals including finding potential sponsors for his podcast, one can't help but wonder: What new adventures await in this ever-evolving digital landscape? Until next time!

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