S1 E40 How to Get Results on LinkedIn – with Daniel Alfon




Today's guest is Daniel Alfon, LinkedIn author, expert and trainer.

Daniel is the  author of the book "Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success". He opened his LinkedIn account in early 2004. He holds a Master's Degree in English from La Sorbonne Nouvelle and helped thousands of entrepreneurs and consultants grow their business.

Warning: he loves busting LinkedIn myths!

[01:00] Who is Danielle Alfon?
[01:42] Tell us a bit about how did it all start? Why did you go to LinkedIn and what were your first experiences back in 2004?
[03:23] What would you say on LinkedIn now today?
[04:51] Can you explain that your LinkedIn profile is like a mini website?
[06:17] What is your vision about networking on LinkedIn?
[12:06] Does this mean that you have at a certain moment cleaned up your list with people? Or are you just really selective in accepting people?
[16:41] Do you have any information about using a maximum of 3 hashtags?
[17:22] Do you have any tips to share about the profile's headline?
[19:44] What is the best actual action that you expect from the visitors?
[26:11] What is the best advice for people if they don't have so much time? Is it creating content or putting more time into engaging with others?
[28:59] What would be the best content that works for promoting a book?

How to Build in LinkedIn Profile for Business Success

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alfon/

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