What Are NFTs and Why Should Podcasters Care – with Carlos Diaz

Carlos Diaz is born and raised in France and has been living in San Francisco for over 10 years. Carlos is a repeat entrepreneur: he created his first startup, Emakina, at the age of 23, before taking it public in 2006. Carlos’ his second start up was blueKiwi, the first SaaS in France, which was founded in that same year and became a European leader in social enterprise software. Today, Carlos is the founder and CEO of Uncut.fm which helps podcasters to create a community and build a new creators’ economy.

Carlos himself is also an independent podcaster: he hosts the tech podcast ‘Silicon Carne’.

One of the reasons Carlos founded Uncut.fm comes from the fact he found it rather frustrating not knowing who were the people that were listening to his podcasts. Podcasts are a great medium, but it remains limited to a one-way communication.

The idea behind Uncut.fm is to turn your audience into a community and to make that community part of your economy. Uncut.FM is also very accessible as you can buy tokens without having to own a crypto wallet; you can easily make your payments with your credit card.

It is important to realize the technology used in Web3 is not about making money from your community, but about making money together with your community. This is where it differs fundamentally from the Web2 technology: you are making people a part of what you’re building, which is something that isn’t possible with traditional platforms. In Web3, the money belongs to the community – where individuals can decide what they want to do with their token. In fact, the community that acts as an organization.

According to Carlos, the blockchain has not been invented to pursuit profit, but to make us independent from a centralized platform: regaining freedom and autonomy is what drives the creation of most Web3 technologies.

Another advantage of Web3 economy is that a certain utility or benefit can be added to NFTs. Furthermore, as NFTs have a limited edition, this inevitably creates a sense of scarcity which thus enhances the appeal.

Also, people from your community that buy a certain token all share the same interest which can lead to very interesting dynamics and relationships between them and reinforce a sense of community.

NFTs are also very interesting in terms of marketing: when someone buys a certain token, this purchase reveals something about what he is interested in, so it enables to target them with customized marketing actions.

For those of you that they think they are behind, that it’s too late to start learning about this new technology, Carlos can assure you now is the time to learn more about it, because, to put it in his own words: ‘the real party hasn’t started yet’.

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Carlos Diaz – Uncut FM


[00:29] Who is Carlos Diaz?

[03:20] Why should podcasts scare about NFT?

[13:27] How could podcasts like mine or new people coming on the platform, use NFTs to monetize a podcast? Can you give a few examples of that?

[20:39] Do you see other initiatives that are happening in the podcast world?

[26:09] Is your Discord group open for people that have bought NFT ?



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