S1 E22 Why is the App Development Business still a Growing Business – with Daniel Hafner aka “Dapper Dan the App Man”

Today's guest is Daniel Hafner, Company Owner at Dapper Mobile Apps.  Dan started out building apps with zero ability to write a single line of code, yet somehow figured out how to build an entire app development business! He works with high-level coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs to put their idea into a tangible, sleek and scalable app model.

[01:28] Is the app development business still a growing business?  

 [03:33] What is your business model?  

[06:00] What are the differences and why would people prefer an app instead of a mobile website?   

[10:23] Why would people have their own app? Do they get an ROI? 

[14:20] How do they use the app? Is it to get clients? Or does it support their main business? 

[17:40] How do you manage everything?   

[18:35] What is the thing that you liked the most about your business? 

[22:40] Do you have standard analytics standard KPIs that you have in your apps? Is there something else that that you measure?   

[27:00] Do you spend time on social media for your business and if yes, via which channel? 


 “A website is almost a passive means of communication.” 

  “Social media is literally the most powerful free marketing tool that has ever existed.” 


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 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dan-hafner-35066a39/ 

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