S1 E23 How to Get Clients to Show Up for Appointments or Sales Calls – with Jonathan Zacks




Today's guest is Jonathan Zacks, Founder of GoReminders.  Jonathan is on a mission to decimate no-show appointments. After running an appointment-based business for a decade, he co-founded GoReminders which increases business revenue and cuts wasted staff time with automated appointment reminders & online booking. Jonathan runs Growth & Marketing for GoReminders and loves helping small businesses with automation and communication.


[01:29] What is GoReminders about?    

[05:47] Is there something that you could share with us, an easy way to generate more organic traffic from search engines? 

[08:50] Do you use Google ads? 

  [10:25] Can you name one or two challenges that you needed to overcome and how did you do that? 

[15:17] What is one of the apps that you would like to share? 

[17:58] What system do you use to organize the work and to know what everyone is doing? 

[19:39] Do you have new releases coming up? Or things for the future that you can share? 

[21:53] What is the best place for people to connect with you? 



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnoz/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-zacks/ 

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