S1 E21 How Sean’s Kids Built the Best Lemonade Stand Ever – with Sean Johnson

Today's guest is Sean Johnson.  He is the author of SIP: "How kids can taste entrepreneurship and build the best lemonade stand ever". Sean is a founding partner at Manifold, a venture holding company, and has spent the last 12 years investing in early stage startups and advising enterprise organizations on innovation. For 8 years he's been a professor in the marketing department at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management.


[00:25] How are you?

[01:38] Why did you think I need to teach my kids entrepreneurship?

[01:45] How did it start?

[05:42] Did the book idea came later?

[08:47] Did you read it yourself?

[11:52] Did you also learn something from them?

[12:08] What was the most important lesson that they learned?

[14:56] Do they have other projects in mind or not?

[17:40] What are the things that they should keep in mind? Or lessons that you would give them?

[26:26] How can people connect with you?


·       Entrepreneurship gives you some resilience to all of that, because kind of regardless of economic climate, you can find companies that are just bursting with life and vitality and that are growing.

·       So before I pour money into the top of the funnel from an acquisition perspective, I like to look at the product and say, 'How do I make this the most incredible?' . 


Mentioned Books

·       SIP: How kids can taste entrepreneurship and build the best lemonade stand ever. 


·       Twitter: https://twitter.com/intentionally

·       Email: Sean.Johnson@gmail.com

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