S1 E20 Why People are Increasingly Using Tiktok – Mathieu Mireault

Today's guest is Mathieu Mireault. He is the Co-founder and CMO at Dermadry Laboratories Inc. He is a master in marketing and a passionate healthcare entrepreneur.

His company has been nominated as the most innovative company in Quebec in 2021 and the best start-up of the city in 2020. He's written in numerous publications such as the Huff Post.
Mathieu and his team have been changing the way people look at and treat excessive sweating.


[00:29] How are you?

[01:49] What is your business about and why did you start it?

[07:14 What would have been the biggest challenge that you needed to overcome?

[10:45] What would have been the decision that you guys have made that had had the biggest impact in the last few years?

[12:42] Are you using social media?

[17:32] How many videos did you have on TikTok before you hit the viral video?

[19:22] Are you active on LinkedIn, Instagram or other platforms?

[21:03] What are your goals?

[22:17] How can people connect with you?


·        The only thing that's scary with TikTok, it's not something that you could control that much. The person who cracks TikTok’s algorithm will be a multi-millionaire for sure.

·        I used to be very, very active in my life when I was younger, but then as soon as I started the business, my whole focus was on the business.


Website:  https://dermadry.com/


·        Website: https://dermadry.com/

·        TikTok: Dermadry


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