Fund and Scale Your Web3 Start-up with Mikhail Skoblov, CEO at Forcefi

Mikhail "Michael" Skoblov is a serial entrepreneur in fintech and crypto, and the founder and CEO of

In our conversation, we explore how Forcefi democratizes access for startups and investors through its permissionless launchpad on Arbitrum.


  • Mikhail's inspiration behind creating Forcefi to connect early-stage projects with industry professionals and advisors
  • How Forcefi's decentralized model avoids corruption and centralized decision-making
  • The three pillars of Forcefi: projects, curators, and community
  • The benefits of getting listed on Forcefi, including free consultation calls and direct access to curators
  • Success stories of projects like Chainback raising funds through the Forcefi curator network
  • Advice for startup founders on leveraging Forcefi to fund their Web3 projects
  • Forcefi's role as an ecosystem development driver, fostering healthier crypto markets
  • Plans for community building and potential offline events as Forcefi grows
Web3 CMO Stories podcast: Fund and Scale Your Web3 Start-up with Mikhail Skoblov, CEO at Forcefi

Introducing Forcefi: Democratizing Access for Crypto Startups

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, where innovation and disruption are the norms, a new platform has emerged to revolutionize the way early-stage projects connect with industry professionals and secure funding. Forcefi, founded by serial entrepreneur Michael Skoblov, aims to bridge the gap between promising crypto startups and a curated network of advisors, influencers, and experts.

Born out of Michael's experience in the "Wild West" era of the crypto market in 2017, Forcefi addresses the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs in this space. From securing funding to finding the right people to support their ventures, Forcefi offers a decentralized and permissionless solution, ensuring transparency and equal opportunities for all.

At the core of Forcefi lies a community of over 180 carefully vetted curators, handpicked for their expertise in various domains such as tokenomics, fundraising, and marketing. By gaining direct access to this network, early-stage projects can save time and resources, while mitigating the risks of falling prey to scams or unreliable advisors. Forcefi's mission is clear: to connect the right people with the right projects, fostering a healthier and more sustainable crypto ecosystem.

Forcefi's Mission and Value Proposition

At the heart of Forcefi lies a simple yet powerful mission: connecting the right people with the right projects. By addressing the two most significant challenges faced by young crypto entrepreneurs – securing funding and finding the right expertise – Forcefi offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines the journey from ideation to execution.

For early-stage projects, gaining access to Forcefi's curated group of over 180 industry professionals, advisors, and influencers is a game-changer. This network, carefully assembled through an invite-only process, ensures that every curator brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Whether it's tokenomics, fundraising, marketing, or any other specialized domain, projects can tap into a vast pool of talent, saving them precious time and resources that would otherwise be spent scouring the internet or relying on unreliable sources.

One of the key advantages of Forcefi is its ability to mitigate the risks of falling prey to scams or unreliable advisors. In the early days of the crypto market, when it was akin to the "Wild West," many projects fell victim to individuals or entities that made promises they couldn't keep, ultimately leading to financial losses and shattered dreams. Forcefi's rigorous vetting process ensures that every curator is a trustworthy individual, committed to providing genuine value and support to the projects they work with.

By leveraging Forcefi's platform, young entrepreneurs can save a significant amount of time and money that would typically be spent on finding the right people to help with their project's needs. Instead of scouring LinkedIn or other platforms, only to potentially fall victim to scams or fake profiles, Forcefi offers a curated network of professionals who have been thoroughly vetted and are ready to lend their expertise.

"Our goal is to make the crypto market more healthy by providing real value to early-stage projects, ensuring that good ideas and promising ventures have the support they need to thrive," says Michael Skolovs, the founder and CEO of Forcefi.

With Forcefi, the process of finding the right people becomes streamlined and efficient. Projects can leverage the platform's free consultation call to dive deeper into their vision, mission, and specific needs, allowing Forcefi's team to connect them directly with the most suitable curators. This personalized approach not only saves time but also ensures that projects receive tailored support from experts who truly understand their unique requirements.

Decentralized and Permissionless: Forcefi's Unique Approach

One of the core principles that sets Forcefi apart is its commitment to decentralization and permissionless access. Michael Skolovs, the founder of Forcefi, firmly believes that wherever there is centralization, there is a possibility of the system being corrupted. This belief stems from his observations of the crypto market, where centralized decision-making processes have often led to corruption and unfair practices.

In contrast, Forcefi embraces a decentralized and permissionless model, ensuring that no single entity or individual holds the power to make decisions that could potentially undermine the platform's integrity. Any project can get listed on Forcefi without requiring permission or approval from a centralized authority. However, getting listed does not guarantee success; it merely provides exposure to the curators.

The true value of Forcefi lies in the support and endorsement of the curators, who are industry professionals with extensive experience in various domains. These curators have a vested interest in maintaining their reputation and credibility, which means they will never support a project that they deem untrustworthy or lacking in substance. Their endorsement serves as a seal of approval, signaling to the community that a particular project is legitimate and worthy of consideration.

Curators are incentivized to support promising projects through a success fee model. If a project they have endorsed conducts a successful token sale on Forcefi, the curators who supported that project will receive a portion of the success fee. This incentive structure ensures that curators are motivated to thoroughly vet and support only the most promising projects, further enhancing the platform's trustworthiness and credibility.

"By eliminating centralized decision-making and embracing a decentralized, community-driven approach, we are fostering an environment of transparency and trust," explains Michael Skolovs. "Projects must earn the support of our curators through their merits, not through backroom deals or favoritism."

Forcefi's decentralized and permissionless model empowers the community to make informed decisions about which projects to support. Projects must be transparent, undergo KYC processes, and provide comprehensive information to gain the trust and endorsement of the curators. This approach not only democratizes access for startups and investors but also promotes a healthier and more sustainable crypto ecosystem, where only the most promising and legitimate projects have the opportunity to thrive.

The Power of Community: Forcefi's Third Pillar

While projects and curators form the first two pillars of Forcefi's ecosystem, the third and equally crucial pillar is the community. Michael Skolovs recognizes the importance of a strong and engaged community for any successful web3 project, as it provides the foundation upon which the project can grow and thrive.

Forcefi's community serves as a vibrant hub where enthusiasts, investors, and supporters can come together to explore and participate in the platform's offerings. As the community grows, so does the value proposition for projects seeking to conduct token sales on Forcefi. A larger community translates to a broader pool of potential investors, increasing the likelihood of successful token sales and ensuring that projects can raise the necessary funds to bring their ideas to fruition.

Forcefi recognizes the pivotal role that a strong and engaged community plays in the success of any web3 project. As such, building and nurturing a vibrant community has been a key focus for the platform, serving as the third pillar alongside projects and curators.

By fostering a thriving community of enthusiasts, investors, and supporters, Forcefi creates a fertile ground for projects to flourish. A larger community translates into a broader pool of potential investors, increasing the likelihood of successful token sales and ensuring that promising projects can raise the necessary funds to bring their ideas to life.

For users and community members, the value proposition of joining Forcefi's ecosystem is multifaceted. With a growing number of projects listed on the platform, users gain access to a diverse array of opportunities, allowing them to follow and potentially participate in token sales of projects that align with their interests and beliefs.

Moreover, Forcefi's commitment to transparency and curation ensures that community members can make informed decisions when considering investment opportunities. By leveraging the expertise and endorsement of the curators, users can mitigate the risks associated with investing in unvetted or unreliable projects, fostering a more trustworthy and sustainable ecosystem.

"Community is the lifeblood of any web3 project," says Michael. "Without a strong and engaged community, even the most promising ideas may struggle to gain traction. At Forcefi, we are dedicated to continuously nurturing and growing our community, ensuring that it remains a vibrant and inclusive space for all."

Forcefi's approach to community building is ongoing and dynamic. The platform recognizes that continuous growth and engagement are essential for maintaining a thriving ecosystem. As more projects and curators join the platform, the value proposition for community members increases, creating a self-reinforcing cycle of growth and opportunity.

Through a combination of online engagement, educational resources, and potential future real-world events, Forcefi aims to foster a sense of belonging and shared purpose among its community members. By bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests, united by their passion for innovation and the web3 space, Forcefi is paving the way for a more inclusive and collaborative future in the crypto industry.

Success Stories and Advice for Startup Founders

While Forcefi's decentralized and permissionless model has garnered significant attention, the platform has already begun to accumulate success stories that exemplify the value it provides to early-stage projects. One notable example is ChainBack, a live project focused on cloud computing infrastructure.

ChainBack was one of the first projects to get listed on Forcefi, gaining access to the platform's curators. Through their engagement with these industry professionals, ChainBack was able to raise 100 Ethereum in a private funding round. This success story highlights the power of Forcefi's curator network and their ability to connect promising projects with potential investors.

However, as Michael acknowledges, there may be even more undisclosed success stories that Forcefi is unaware of. The decentralized nature of the platform means that private deals between projects, curators, and investors can occur without Forcefi's direct involvement. This aspect, while potentially limiting Forcefi's visibility into certain transactions, is a testament to the platform's commitment to privacy and decentralization.

For startup founders seeking to fund their web3 projects, Michael offers valuable advice: get listed on Forcefi. The platform offers three different listing tiers, with the basic tier being completely free.

Even with a free listing, projects gain several benefits:

  • Exposure to curators: While projects may not directly see the curators, the curators will be able to view and potentially approach the project with proposals or assistance.
  • Free consultation call: Forcefi provides a free consultation call to dive deeper into the project's vision, mission, and needs. This call helps identify the specific types of curators that would be most beneficial for the project.

By leveraging Forcefi's team's intimate knowledge of the curators and their areas of expertise, projects can save valuable time and resources in finding the right professionals to support their specific needs.

While the free listing tier offers exposure and consultation, upgrading to a higher tier unlocks direct access to all the curators, which Michael considers the biggest advantage Forcefi can provide. With this access, projects can directly engage with industry professionals across various domains, such as tokenomics, fundraising, marketing, and more.

"Our advice to startup founders is simple: get listed on Forcefi," says Michael. "Even with a free listing, you gain valuable exposure and insights. But to truly unlock the full potential of our platform, upgrading your listing tier is essential. It's an investment in your project's success, connecting you with the right people who can help turn your vision into reality."

By following this advice and leveraging Forcefi's unique ecosystem, startup founders can increase their chances of success in the competitive web3 landscape. With access to a curated network of industry professionals, projects can navigate the challenges of fundraising, tokenomics, and marketing with greater confidence and support.

Forcefi's Role in Fostering a Healthier Crypto Market

Beyond its core mission of connecting projects with curators, Forcefi has a broader vision of fostering a healthier and more sustainable crypto market. Michael  recognizes the challenges and risks that have plagued the industry, particularly in the realm of fundraising and investment.

One of the significant issues Forcefi aims to address is the lack of due diligence and scrutiny that often surrounds crypto investments. In the past, platforms like ICOBench attempted to provide expert ratings and scores for projects, but these systems were susceptible to corruption, with experts accepting payments for favorable ratings without thoroughly reviewing the projects.

Forcefi's approach is fundamentally different. By curating a network of trusted industry professionals and incentivizing them to support only legitimate projects, Forcefi creates a framework for genuine due diligence and risk mitigation. Curators stake their reputations on the projects they endorse, ensuring that they conduct thorough evaluations and only lend their support to projects with real potential.

This rigorous curation process serves as a filter for investors, helping them distinguish between promising opportunities and potential scams or poorly conceived projects. By aligning the interests of curators, projects, and investors, Forcefi aims to reduce the risks associated with crypto investments and foster a more transparent and trustworthy ecosystem.

Furthermore, Forcefi positions itself as an ecosystem development driver, recognizing the importance of nurturing and supporting the growth of blockchain networks and their surrounding ecosystems. Through strategic partnerships with platforms like Linear and Scroll, Forcefi actively promotes the development of high-quality projects within these ecosystems.

By curating and supporting projects that build on these networks, Forcefi contributes to the overall health and vibrancy of the ecosystems themselves. Successful projects drive adoption, innovation, and growth, creating a virtuous cycle that benefits all stakeholders, from developers and entrepreneurs to investors and end-users.

"Our goal is to create a more sustainable and trustworthy crypto market," says Michael. "By curating legitimate projects and aligning the interests of all parties involved, we can reduce the risks associated with crypto investments and foster an environment where innovation can thrive."

Forcefi's decentralized and permissionless model, combined with its commitment to transparency and curation, positions the platform as a driving force for positive change in the crypto industry. By addressing the challenges of due diligence, risk mitigation, and ecosystem development, Forcefi is paving the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future for web3 projects and investors alike.

The Future of Forcefi and the Web3 Space

As the web3 space continues to evolve rapidly, Forcefi remains at the forefront, driven by a deep commitment to fostering a healthier and more sustainable ecosystem. Michael and the Forcefi team are excited about the future developments and opportunities that lie ahead.

One area of focus is offline community building and events. While Forcefi's current community efforts are primarily online, the team recognizes the value of real-life interactions and plans to organize offline events as the platform gains greater awareness and traction.

"By now, offline community building was not our goal, and it was not relevant for us," explains Michael. "We need to reach a certain point of awareness online, after which we can start doing something offline, I would say."

These offline events will not only strengthen the existing Forcefi community but also serve as a platform to spread the word about the platform's unique value proposition and attract new projects, curators, and investors to the ecosystem.

Another key area of focus is the continuous growth of the curator group. As the backbone of Forcefi's curation model, the curator network is a vital component of the platform's success. The team is committed to expanding this group through a rigorous, invite-only process, ensuring that only the most qualified and reputable industry professionals are granted access.

"We'll keep building it because it increases the value proposition for projects to come," says Michael. "And you, as a listed project, will get exposure to all these new curators also."

By continuously expanding the curator group, Forcefi ensures that listed projects have access to a diverse range of expertise, spanning various domains such as tokenomics, marketing, fundraising, and more. This diversity not only enhances the quality of support available to projects but also opens up new opportunities for collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas.

Furthermore, as the curator group grows, so do the opportunities for listed projects. Michael emphasizes that projects can turn to Forcefi anytime they need assistance, whether it's for initial guidance, fundraising support, or ongoing marketing and growth strategies.

"By getting listed on Forcefi, you can turn back to Forcefi anytime you need a new person for specific needs, and you will find that person there," he explains.

This long-term commitment to supporting listed projects throughout their lifecycle is a testament to Forcefi's dedication to fostering a thriving and sustainable web3 ecosystem.

As the web3 space continues to evolve, Forcefi remains poised to play a pivotal role in shaping its future. With a focus on community building, curator growth, and ongoing project support, the platform is well-positioned to drive innovation, transparency, and trust within the industry.

"We believe that our model can become the next step for crypto fundraising in crypto," says Michael. "It's a win-win on all sides, creating a more healthy market for projects, investors, and ecosystems alike."

By embracing the principles of decentralization, transparency, and curation, Forcefi is paving the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future for web3 projects and the broader crypto community.

A Call to Action for Early-Stage Founders and Curators

As the conversation draws to a close, Michael extends a warm invitation to the podcast audience, particularly early-stage project founders and potential curators. For those eager to embark on their web3 journey or contribute their expertise to the Forcefi ecosystem, the opportunity is ripe.

Early-stage project founders seeking to get listed on Forcefi can reach out directly to Michael via his Telegram handle, which will be shared in the show notes and podcast description. Michael is committed to understanding each project's unique vision and needs, offering guidance and support throughout the listing process.

As a special gesture to the podcast listeners, Michael is open to providing exclusive discounts for the second listing tier, making it even more accessible for early-stage projects to tap into the full potential of Forcefi's curator network.

"I'm completely transparent and open," Michael affirms. "I'm willing to help early-stage projects. Let these guys come to me directly, and we will discuss potential opportunities with them."

But the invitation doesn't stop there. Michael also extends a warm welcome to industry professionals and potential curators who resonate with Forcefi's mission and vision. If you possess valuable expertise and a genuine desire to contribute to the growth of the web3 ecosystem, Michael encourages you to reach out.

"If there are curators willing to join our platform, they can also approach me directly," he says. "If these are good people, legit people who can provide real value to early-stage projects, we will be glad to add them to our curator group as well."

Forcefi's commitment to its curators is unwavering. As Michael emphasizes, curators will never be charged for their participation, as the platform recognizes the immense value they bring to the ecosystem. Forcefi treats its curators with the utmost respect and consideration, understanding that the curator group is one of the platform's most valuable assets.

In closing, Michael expresses his heartfelt gratitude to the podcast audience for their engagement and interest in Forcefi's mission. He acknowledges the dedication of those who have listened until the end, recognizing their potential to become valuable curators within the Forcefi ecosystem.

"People that are listening until the end of the episode, they will have heard that they will for sure be really good curators for you, Michael," the host affirms.

With this call to action, Forcefi extends an open invitation to early-stage founders, curators, and passionate individuals alike, to join forces in shaping a more transparent, sustainable, and inclusive future for the web3 space.

Forging a Healthier Crypto Ecosystem: Wrapping Up with Forcefi

Throughout our exploration of Forcefi, we've witnessed a platform that aims to revolutionize the way early-stage crypto projects connect with industry professionals and secure funding. At its core, Forcefi bridges the gap between promising startups and a curated network of advisors, influencers, and experts, fostering transparency and equal opportunities for all.

By addressing the challenges of securing funding and finding the right expertise, Forcefi offers a decentralized and permissionless solution. Its rigorous vetting process ensures that every curator brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, mitigating the risks of falling prey to scams or unreliable advisors. This approach not only saves time and resources for projects but also aligns the interests of all stakeholders, creating a more sustainable and trustworthy ecosystem.

As we reflect on Forcefi's mission, one compelling thought emerges: decentralization is the key to a thriving web3 future. By embracing a decentralized model, Forcefi empowers the community to make informed decisions, promotes transparency, and fosters an environment where only the most promising and legitimate projects have the opportunity to thrive.

Now, the call to action is clear. For early-stage founders seeking to embark on their web3 journey, get listed on Forcefi and unlock the full potential of its curator network. Reach out to Michael Skoblov directly, and explore the exclusive discounts available for the second listing tier. For industry professionals and potential curators, join the movement and contribute your expertise to nurturing the growth of the web3 ecosystem.

Together, we can forge a healthier crypto market, one where innovation thrives, risks are mitigated, and transparency reigns supreme. Let us embrace the principles of decentralization and curation, shaping a more inclusive and sustainable future for Web3 projects and the broader crypto community.

Mikhail Skoblov, Forcefi

Mikhail Skoblov, Forcefi


[00:46] What's the backstory and inspiration for creating Forcefi? 

[06:17] Can you elaborate on how Forcefi's permissionless launchpad on Arbitrum democratizes access for startups and investors compared to centralized approaches? 

[13:12] Could you share a success story of a project launched through Forcefi to illustrate its functionality for our listeners? 

[16:37] What advice would you give startup founders looking to fund their Web3 projects? 

[20:51] Do you engage solely online within your community, or do you also organize real-life events? If you do, could you describe what those events entail? 

[21:48] What currently excites you the most? Are there any market evolutions or developments within Forcefi that particularly stand out to you? 

[25:39] If you want to stay in touch with us, what's the best way for the podcast audience to reach out? 



Better projects will get better support, and it all makes the market more healthy and what is good that it is decentralized also without any possibility of corruption.” 

“The goal of the Forcefi, the mission of Forcefi, is to connect the right people with the right projects.” 

“My general opinion is I really what the best thing I like about crypto and everything related to Web3market is the idea of decentralization.” 

“Unfortunately, in my opinion, wherever there is centralization, there is a possibility of the system being corrupted.” 

“But getting listed on Forcefi does not guarantee your success for your project. It's just you get some exposure. First of all, you get exposure to curators.” 



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