S1 E19 How Brianne Built 3 Companies in Only 6 Years – with Brianne Hanson

Today's guest is Brianne Hanson. She started her first company at 21. Being a female in technology is hard enough, let alone being 21 with no experience. But she was passionate and she had the drive, so she spent dedicated time working on herself through confidence building as well as inserted herself in entrepreneurship to be the best and most efficient version of herself. 6 years later, she now owns 3 companies and runs a podcast 'Becoming Entrepreneurs' ranked top 5% globally!


[01:25] Where are you located at this moment?

[01:38] Tell us a bit about yourself

[02:42] Did something happen in your life that made you do all this?

[04:50] Can you share what you had to overcome on the path to where you are now?

[11:30] What keeps you motivated?

[09:52] How do you manage to have three businesses and then still find time to have this podcast? What is your secret?

[15:00] Do you have a good virtual assistant or how do you manage everything?

[17:00] Are you active on social media?

[22:15] Do you delegate the management of those accounts?

[28:30] How can people connect with you?


·        There are obstacles that you meet: everyone has their challenges, their failures, their lessons.

·        Lots of people think in terms of followers, but it is the engagement.


·        Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brianneehanson/?hl=nl

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