S1 E02 Why is it Important to Make “Human” Posts on Social Media – With Gaëlle Pitaud




My guest for this episode is Gaëlle Pitaud, International Marketing Manager at WorkAdventure. She tells a little bit about herself, about her business and shares a lot of great tips with us.

[00:14] How are you today?

[00:44] Tell us a bit about yourself…

[08:47] Are there other challenges that you met, perhaps when you joined the company?

[12:29] Which channels are you active on?

[14:56] Is there something else that you would like to share, about the campaign or the tool that you're using, or tactics that have been working for you?

[23:19] What would be the best place or the best way, if people want to connect with you or find out more about your business or your company?


·        Let's say that what we offer is a place to create a connection and have a bit of fun with other people

·        So, what we are trying to educate is to show to people is that it can be very fun and very useful if you want to gather talents from everywhere.

·        One of my biggest challenges actually, is to understand how to communicate with people who communicate very differently.

·        That's a mistake that often companies make that they're just using LinkedIn to sell, but it's not about selling.

·        One of the best ways of posting content on social media is to make it human.

·        The most important thing when it's not working is to understand why it's not working.


·        LinkedIn: https://fr.linkedin.com/in/ga%C3%ABlle-pitaud-7b1543a3

·        Blog: https://workadventu.re/blog/posts

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