S1 E03 How to Make Your Business Better with Tracking Systems – with Emilia Korczynska




My guest for this episode is Emilia Korczynska,  Head of Marketing at Userpilot. She tells us a little bit about herself, but also about her business and shares a lot of great tips with us. For example, she tells us about challenges she has experienced during her career, the systems she uses in her business, etc...


[00:15] Could you introduce yourself?

[00:45] How are you today?

[00:12] Tell us a bit more about yourself.

[02:15] Tell us a bit more about the company.

[05:45] Are there challenges that you have overcome since you joined the company?

[11:30] What are things that you learned throughout your career which are an important lesson?

[12:50] Which system are you using to put all these systems together, so that everyone has access to it?

[21:10] Is there a tool, a tactic or a campaign that you have been using or are using right now, which gives your company awareness?

[16:02] What is your favourite channel?

[25:45] How can people connect with you after the podcast?


·        You kind of observe the user behaviour and you react to this behaviour by the right in-app experiences.

·        What we don't want to do is throw a plate of spaghetti on the wall and hope that it sticks.

·        Creating processes and SOPs is one thing. And then having  a clear roadmap of where everything is, is another challenge.

·        You should always track the outcome of whatever you're doing, and you should be able to have some systems in place to track it.

·        You should not build ten bridges at the same time. It's better to build one bridge and finish it and then do the second one and not to try to build all ten of them.


·        LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/emiliakorczynska?trk=author_mini-profile_title

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