S1 E01 Why does Yaroslava Compare Marketing with a Bamboo Tree – with Yaroslava Upatova




My guest for this episode is Yaroslava Upatova, CMO at Decima Digital & TORI. This episode was recorded at Web Summit in Lisbon on November 4, 2021.


[01:25] Tell us about yourself

[02:10] What is the story behind what you do today?

[03:40] What are you doing on social media?

[10:50] LinkedIn doesn't give you results?

[11:30] What keeps you motivated?


·        It's important that you know your audience and know where your audience is. And that you know the tone of voice to use on this channel.

·        Expecting immediate results from your marketing actions is like asking to get married on the first date.

·        I think the main goal of social media is to build a community around your brand and not just post something about your company and send cold messages.

·        Your clients can become your influencers.

·        I can compare marketing to a bamboo tree. A bamboo tree takes about 5 years to grow and become such a huge plant....

·        People overestimate what they can do in months, but they underestimate what they can do in a year…

·        If you have never asked, the answer is always no.


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·        LinkedIn: https://ua.linkedin.com/in/yaroslava-upatova

·        Twitter: https://twitter.com/yaroslava_up

·        Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yaroslava_up/

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