S1 Bonus E3: How to Increase Sales with Geofencing Marketing – with Justin Croxton




Today's guest is Justin Croxton. He is an Inc 5000 Entrepreneur Helping Enterprises Implement Cutting Edge Lead Gen Solutions.

He is the CEO of Propellant Media. They use a unique technology called geofencing marketing that sets them apart from other lead generation agencies. He shares more on how he build his agency to 8 figures in 5 years with no funding or acquisitions as well as how he helps brands target and grow their revenue through advanced digital tools.


[00:27] Who is Justin Croxton?

[01:44] Can you tell us your story?

[03:29] What is the important moments when you started your business that changed a lot for you?

[06:24] What is geo fencing and how does it make a difference? What is different with other digital marketing?

[10:51] Do you have an example of geofencing for one of your clients that you can share?

[12:13] Does GDPR that have any impact on you?

[13:15] How are you keeping up with the latest evolutions?

[15:15] Are you using Google Analytics or GA for?

[19:10] Do you have time to be active on social media?



LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justincroxton/

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