S1 E48 How Bryan Created the Uber for Lawn Care, Starting from Zero – with Bryan Clayton




Bryan is the Co-Founder and CEO of GreenPal, an online marketplace that connects homeowners with local lawn care professionals. GreenPal has been called the “Uber for lawn care” by Entrepreneur magazine and has over 100,000 active users completing thousands of transactions per day.

Before starting GreenPal, Bryan Clayton founded Peachtree Inc., one of the largest landscaping companies in the state of Tennessee, growing it to over $10 million a year in annual revenue before it was acquired by Lusa holdings in 2013. Bryan‘s interest and expertise are related to entrepreneurism, small business growth, marketing, and bootstrapping businesses from zero revenue to profitability and exit.


[00:42] Who is Bryan Clayton?

[01:21] Did you start from zero?

[02:49] Can you share a bit about how you did start from zero?

[04:52] What is one of some of the challenges that you had, while you were growing the company?

[07:02] Was it difficult to continue if you have a few people that need to agree on the strategy to follow?

[11:02] How do you feel about scaling?

[12:30] What do you see for yourself for the next three years?

[13:58] Were there times that you're thinking of about giving up or did it never occur in your mind?

[15:12] What is about your business that you actually love?

[16:50] Can you talk a bit about your marketing?

[19:17] How do you learn all the things that you know on staring, selling, and growing a business?

[22:12] Where is the best place to connect with you?


“You have to build the thing that solves the problem.”


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bryanmclayton/

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