A Peek into Blockchain, NFTs and Next-Gen Marketing with Tyler Stambaugh

What happens when you combine traditional finance expertise with a passion for blockchain and NFTs? You get Tyler Stambaugh. 

As co-founder and Chief Product Officer at MAGNETIQ, Tyler has been using this powerful mix to revolutionize how brands connect with their fans. Together, we explore the potential of blockchain, NFTs, and Web3 technologies to transform customers into brand ambassadors, creating deeper, more meaningful connections.

MAGNETIQ isn't just a platform, it's an innovative solution that empowers brands to craft and circulate unique content, promos, and activations, reaching their audience like never before. Tyler gives us an insider view into the challenges brands face in creating buzzworthy campaigns and how Magnetic makes it all a breeze. Plus, he delves into the shady world of 'rug pulls' and how to combat them effectively. 

The future of marketing rests in the digital realm of Web3, and Tyler is here to guide us through this new frontier. He explains how brands can leverage NFTs to track customer engagement and craft targeted profiles, optimizing outreach and spend. But data isn't just about numbers; it's about building relationships and fostering collaboration. Tyler discusses the exciting world of affinity graphs, data collaboration, and the impact of social media on brand promotion. If you're keen on understanding the dynamics of new age Web3 marketing, you won't want to miss this episode!

How Blockchain and NFTs Are Revolutionizing Brand Engagement: A Deep Dive with Tyler Stambaugh of MAGNETIQ

Today's consumers are not just looking for products; they're seeking experiences, authenticity, and connection with brands. As the world of technology evolves, so does the way brands interact with their customers. One of the most disruptive forces in this space is blockchain technology and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). To dive deeper into this transformative wave, I sat down with Tyler Stambaugh, co-founder and chief product officer of MAGNETIQ.

From Risk Management to NFT Innovator
Tyler's journey is both fascinating and diverse. Before breaking ground with MAGNETIQ, Tyler was immersed in the world of risk and technology consulting at Accenture. Here, he was involved in designing and implementing large scale data and analytics solutions for enterprises. This background gave Tyler a unique perspective, where he melded the power of data analytics with the innovative potential of blockchain.
"I've always been passionate about how technology can forge deeper connections between brands and their audience," Tyler shared. "And with the emergence of blockchain and NFTs, I saw an opportunity to redefine engagement."

Unlocking the Power of MAGNETIQ
MAGNETIQ isn't just another blockchain-based platform. It’s a marketplace that bridges the gap between brands and their staunchest fans. By leveraging the capabilities of NFTs, MAGNETIQ provides a tangible way for brands to reward, recognize, and rally their fans.
“We envisioned MAGNETIQ as more than just a tech solution. It's about creating an ecosystem where the brand-fan relationship is mutual and highly rewarding,” Tyler elucidated.

Why NFTs?
The concept of NFTs can be puzzling for many. Yet, its impact in the world of art, collectibles, and even real estate has been revolutionary. For brands, NFTs offer a myriad of advantages.
1.Digital Authenticity and Scarcity: Unlike traditional digital items which can be replicated endlessly, NFTs provide a verifiable digital certificate of authenticity. This means brands can create exclusive digital goods that fans can truly own.
2.Monetization and Value Creation: Brands can capitalize on NFTs as they would with physical merchandise. Fans can trade, sell, or showcase their digital assets, leading to a dynamic ecosystem of value creation.
3.Engagement Redefined: By merging experiential rewards with NFTs, brands can offer unique experiences, from VIP events to personalized content.
Tyler pointed out, "The true potential of NFTs lies not just in their ability to create value, but in their ability to foster connections."

New York City – A Hub of Inspiration
Living in the heart of New York City, Tyler is surrounded by a cocktail of cultures, technologies, and innovations. "NYC has always been a source of inspiration," he said. With his wife and two sons alongside, Tyler’s family journey often intertwines with his professional adventures. From discussions over dinner to walks in Central Park, the city’s rhythm fuels MAGNETIQ’s innovative spirit.

The Future Landscape
As we concluded our insightful conversation, one thing was clear: the marriage of blockchain and NFTs with brand engagement is not a passing trend. It's the future. As more brands recognize the potential of this technology, we're poised to witness a new era of customer interaction.
For Tyler and the MAGNETIQ team, this journey has only just begun. With their innovative platform, brands have a golden opportunity to deepen connections with their audience in previously unimagined ways.

Are you a brand looking to ignite your engagement and retention of your most valued customers? Discover the future of customer engagement with the power of MAGNETIQ. To chat or get a demo, email Tyler@magnetiq.xyz or fill out the form on magnetiq.xyz today.

Tyler Stambaugh on the Web3 CMO Stories podcast

Tyler Stambaugh


[01:49] Could you briefly describe your transition from traditional finance to the Web3 space? 

[04:10] Why is the strategy of turning customers into brand ambassadors particularly important, especially in the context of Web3, considering your current role at Magnetiq? 

[06:41] Could you provide a deeper exploration of how community building in Web3 plays a pivotal role in shaping brand perception 

[09:07] What role does Magnetiq play in facilitating the formation of identities and communities in the Web3 space? 

[12:05] Can you elaborate on the importance of emotional connections and how they can be nurtured, especially in the context of what Magnetiq is developing? 

[14:45] Besides the obstacles you've already mentioned, are there any other challenges or obstacles that Magnetiq is aiming to address? 

[19:16] How do you envision the role of a CMO evolving in the Web3 space, considering the emergence of new solutions and technologies? 


"At its core, the power of blockchain is the ability to create trust in a trustless environment." - Tyler Stambaugh 

"So, it sounds like there's a blend of the modern, the digital, and the traditional understanding of loyalty and fandom." - Joeri Billast 

"We're essentially building a bridge between brands and their most loyal fans through the use of NFTs and blockchain." - Tyler Stambaugh: 

"You know, when you have a collector’s mentality, every piece you own becomes a story, and every story has a value." - Tyler Stambaugh 

"I think people often underestimate the deep bond fans have with brands, especially when they've been part of their lives for years." - Joeri Billast 



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