How to make Crypto Accessible to the Masses – with Carl Hallam

Carl Hallam is a marketing professional with a proven track record of managing brands communication and marketing strategy. Carl holds a special interest in the Web3 space and has recently joined Kriptomat, a user-friendly, government regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform, whose mission is to make crypto accessible to everyone. 

Kriptomat targets the European market and has created a product which has removed the boundaries people experience today when entering the crypto market. 

To keep up with evolutions in the market, a lot of effort is invested into R&D.

Furthermore, in order to differentiate, Kriptomat also focuses on optimizing the user experience, and providing excellent customer service support. A clear illustration is that their website is available in no more than 23 different languages!

As to their communication to the market, Kriptomat has invested profoundly in PR, which Carl calls ‘one of our strongest friends and allies’. PR is about the narrative behind what you say and how you position yourself as a company. Carl firmly believes in data driven storytelling; his focus is less on social media campaigns. To stand out on social media, you really need to have a strong narrative. So many brands post stories just for the sake of posting, which is not the way to for Kriptomat: only small bits of information are shared on social media.

As to the evolution of cryptocurrency, Carl believes it will play a major part in our future lives; we currently only know about approximately 10% of the potential it holds.

This is especially the case for NFTs: currently the hype revolves around artwork, but in fact the whole idea behind an NFT is that it can be attached to a smart contract. Image the case in which one could buy a house without having the need for an intervention of a notary.

Such a scenario is only one of the many possibilities NFTs have to offer…

Or as Carl puts it: I know it’s still early in adoption, but this is going to be our lives.”

[01:10] Who is Carl Hallam?
[01:21] What's your background and what's your role in Kriptomat?
[02:38] What are the challenges that you meet?
[03:48] Is that also what you're seeing in the market? And is that something that you want to solve with the Kriptomat?
[04:55] What are you doing to keep up with all the evolutions that are happening?
[06:18] Is your goal to be one of the leading companies in Europe?
[07:53] Is there any specific or deep tool or tactic that you can share with our audience?
[09:02] Do you have campaigns on social media or using social media to get your brand known and to reach your audience?
[12:34] How do you see the growth of crypto for the next years?
[15:12] Are you still in the growing phase? Like hiring people? Wanting to add more products to the market?
[16:49] Where should people go to find out more about crypto?



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