S1 E54 How to Achieve a Celebrity Status in Your Industry – with Phil Pelucha




Our guest today is Phil Pelucha, an internationally renowned Celebrity Entrepreneur and Business & Sports Consultant best known for 'Billionaires in Boxers'.

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[00:41] Who is Phil Pelucha?

[01:18] Can you explain a bit about billionaires' inboxes?

[03:36] Can you give some tips on how to create high value relationships?

[12:07] Would you advise to be on other people's podcasts to promote your own podcasts?

[18:14] What advice would you give people on how to monetize a podcast?

[35:50] What is the best way to stay connected with you?


“Perception beats perfection.”

“How people see your business is completely different and more important than how your business actually operates.”

“The more you have, the more you can help.”

“Don't just hustle, hustle in the right way.”


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippelucha/

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