How Edward Created the First Play-to-Earn Game in Blockchain and the Biggest Blockchain Meetup in the World – with Edward Sturm




Edward Sturm has made viral videos totaling hundreds of millions of views, the first play-to-earn blockchain game while running the biggest blockchain meetup in the world, and has done search engine optimization for Fortune 100 companies. He's a self-improvement fanatic, doing cold showers and daily meditation since college. For the last four years, he has traveled the world and lived in over 30 countries. As “one of the best SEO marketers in the world”, he shifted from the pure SEO world to crypto and web3 projects.

While working on web3 projects, he wants to rank on web2 keywords. The key element in SEO is having great domain authority and his favorite tool which is MOZ. In the beginning, if you’re not getting viral, you're maybe in a sandbox. Having a simple mistake on your site might lose your domain authority. Yes, learning SEO stuff is life-changing.

He worked at a big SEO agency that he left later to start and build his own one. He ran a world SEO meetup and got introduced by his friend – and later co-founder of their new business – to explore the crypto world and research it. By reading whitepapers and searching for projects he found out about the scams going on in the web3 world as well.

Edwards's friend is a gamer who’s building a web3 version of Discord. He had an idea of a game with character monsters that you can sell in exchange for cryptocurrencies. They blew off right away, and they built out the full version of the game where he admits that he made a bunch of mistakes while making them.

The company did well and should be a billion-dollar company, they launched a month and a half after the famous NFT project CryptoKitties. He was recognized at conferences as the most ambitious project at that time. Then he realized adding NFTs to the game would be a good idea but would mean a delay of an extra 2 months. He actually had a conversation with one of the Open Sea founders who considered featuring their project. If that had gone through, it might be one of the first NFT projects that had scaled.

The key to success is first to be committed to the project and second, don’t compare your project to other successful projects out there.

If you want to connect to Edward Sturm, he’s always active on Twitter. Or you can google the 30-day challenge builder or visit

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[01:29] Who is Edward Sturm?

[03:00] How did you switch from SEO to crypto go?

[06:02] Is It possible for a website to lose domain authority because they did something wrong or they did notupdate their site regularly, and get domain authority again?

[08:22] What is the reason you left SEO for crypto?

[13:40] What were one of the mistakes and what did you do to overcome that?

[17:57] What is your greatest marketing campaign that you did that you are proud of?

[20:30] Was it a certain period of your life when you visited all 30 countries?

[22:35] What exactly you are doing now?

[25:32] What is the best way to reach you?




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