How Chris Exponentially Developed his Personal Brand on LinkedIn around Web3 – with Chris Koronowski




Chris Koronowski's background is in computer science. He has almost 8 years of experience in sales and digital marketing, and 5 years of experience as a LinkedIn consultant, including content generation, personal branding, lead generation, and building sales funnels.

Over the last years, his main focus has been on LinkedIn. When it comes to social media, you can only find him on LinkedIn. Through these years he has been working for startups, software, and different marketing agencies mainly for the web2. Starting early this year he became interested in web3, observing and following the space of content creators on LinkedIn until he completely shifted to it 100%.

Chris has been creating content in web3 for several months. He also joined meetups in the metaverse (Spatial). If we zoom in there’s a lot of potential in the metaverse. One of these is the future of architects who can also build houses over there, like a penthouse or real estate houses. There’s a huge benefit for someone that will get into the metaverse especially for Marketers if they adopt it as early as now.

Some of Chris’s best practices are creating long content and consistency. He is inspired by the book ‘Compounding Effect’, in which small little steps you do everyday matter. This motivates him for posting every day. He has one post that went viral and received 500 invitations for the past 2 months, plus 4000 followers by just being consistent with posting on LinkedIn.

Through his journey on LinkedIn, he learned to no longer reach out, but wait for someone to reach out. The benefit of being selective and filtering connections on LinkedIn gives him a huge impact.

Chris launched a podcast named Web3 Doers. He would love to invite guests who are active in the web3 space from different countries in Asia, Africa, and South America.

In terms of the future of work, he is been involved in a German project named ‘twire’, where they created a community of freelancers and consultants with different skill sets including legal, marketing, IT and finance. This way will unlock their opportunity to talk to big organizations, they can get more interesting work and that getting a continuous project is no longer a challenge. The beauty of it is they can brainstorm ideas together in their DAO.

If you want to connect with Chris, you can find him on LinkedIn.

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[00:36] Who is Chris Koronowski?

[04:16] Do you regularly meet people in spatial? Or are you still finding your way on the metaverse?

[07:15] Is it takes up a lot of time to be active like you are?

[10:55] Are you focusing on engaging?

[16:21] Can you already share with us the name of the podcast?

[18:08] How you see the future of work?

[23:05] What is the best place to connect with you?

[23:45] If people want to know more about wire where should they go?




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