S1 E50 How to Unlock B2B Business Growth by Eliminating the Friction Effect – with Dean Isaacs




Today's guest is Dean Isaacs.

When Dean launched his consulting firm in a new city where he had no contacts or network, and went from zero sales to high 6 figures in under 14 months, people started asking me how he did it. His secret was merging marketing and sales into a simple, cohesive approach that is aligned with how my ideal clients buy. He calls this approach 'Eliminating the Friction Effect'. Dean loves to share his practical, actionable sales, marketing and business growth ideas with us.

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[00:37] Who is Dean Isaacs?

[01:56] How are you able to launch and accurately scale your business in a new city? Without a network?

[05:57] What is your starting point to find a network and find those people?

[08:03] Do you have a system to organize your follow- up ?

[11:15] How does the friction effect relate to what you did before with networking?

[18:31] Do you have any advice and experience on how you best market high-ticket consulting or professional services?

[22:13] Do you have tips on how they can stand out in a crowded market on social media?

[23:03] Do you have any advice for insecure people?

[26:31] What is the best piece of advice that someone else gave to you?

[29:05] How can people connect with you if they want to learn more about you?


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deanisaacs/

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