AI or People: Who Shapes Our Future More? – Thoughts from Entrepreneur Philosopher Sid Mohasseb

Embark on a mind-expanding voyage as we join forces with the illustrious  Sid Mohasseb—entrepreneurial genius, philosopher, acclaimed author, and revered university professor. 

Our conversation peels back the layers of artificial intelligence, revealing its intimate weave into the fabric of our everyday lives, from the tunes we stream to the shows we binge. Sid's unique perspective on the synergy between human adaptability and the digital evolution illuminates strategies for small businesses to employ AI, debunking the myth of technology as a mere backdrop to the human narrative.

This episode is a treasure trove for the tech-savvy and the creatively inclined, showcasing how AI has revolutionized small businesses and the tech sector by equalizing the playing field. With Sid's guidance, we uncover how AI-driven tools enhance video production, invigorate content creation, and streamline data analysis—empowering the underdogs of the business world to punch above their weight. The conversation takes a turn towards the philosophical, marrying AI with human ingenuity, crafting a partnership destined to amplify human potential and nurture the seeds of innovation.

As we wrap up our enlightening session with  Sid Mohasseb, we confront the elephant in the room: the influence of AI on employment and society. Instead of succumbing to fear, we seize the opportunity to redefine AI as an extension of human capability, a companion that amplifies rather than usurps. Sid bestows upon us his insights on personal growth, urging us to sculpt and be sculpted in the dynamic dance of self-improvement. For the entrepreneurial spirit and the perpetual learner, this episode is a clarion call to action, challenging you to grow with the relentless pace of technology that molds our shared future.

Entrepreneur Philosopher Sid Mohasseb

Entrepreneur Philosopher Sid Mohasseb

Navigating the Future of AI and Entrepreneurship: Insights from Web3 CMO Stories with Sid Mohasseb

In a this episode of the "Web3 CMO Stories" podcast, hosted by Joeri Billast, a fascinating and insightful conversation unfolded with Sid Mohasseb, a multi-faceted personality known as an Entrepreneur Philosopher. Featured on prominent platforms like Times, FOX, and Forbes, Sid brings a wealth of experience as a founder, investor, innovator, university professor, author, and, uniquely, a problem finder. This blog post aims to distill the essence of their discussion, focusing on the future of AI, the rise of Small Tech, and the evolving human purpose beyond work.

AI or People: Who to Fear More?

The podcast kicked off with a provocative question: should we fear AI or people more? Sid Mohasseb brought an intriguing perspective, pointing out that within a decade, AI is expected to contribute over $13 trillion in productivity annually. This figure is comparable to China's GDP produced by its vast workforce. However, this technological boon comes with the potential for significant job loss and societal changes. Sid emphasizes the need to understand AI as an extension of human capability rather than a replacement, urging a shift from fear to embracing these advancements for creative and innovative purposes.

The Decline of Big Tech and the Rise of Small Tech

2022, as Sid put it, could mark the historical end of Big Tech's era, making way for 2023 as the year of 'Small Tech'. This shift signifies a return to the core values of innovation, agility, and value creation that initially propelled Big Tech to its heights. Sid criticizes Big Tech for letting down its users and investors while alienating regulators. In contrast, Small Tech is poised to bring sustained growth and the competitive environment much needed in our economy.

Beyond Work: Post-ChatGPT Human Purpose

A central part of the conversation revolved around the impact of AI technologies like ChatGPT on human purpose and work. We are entering an era of "abnormal", where the change is not just physical but mental, challenging the very fabric of our daily lives, from healthcare to government expectations, and from our leisure activities to legal frameworks. Sid suggests a redefinition of what it means to be productive and creative in a world where AI handles tasks that were traditionally human domains.

Entrepreneurship Redefined

Sid Mohasseb eloquently redefines entrepreneurship, not just in terms of financial gain but as a broader exchange of value and ideas. He draws on examples from history, illustrating how innovation has always been at the heart of human progress. Entrepreneurs, according to Sid, are those who seek to exchange their ideas, time, or products for something of higher value, acknowledging the risks involved. This definition elevates figures like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. to entrepreneurial status due to their significant contributions to societal change.


The episode concluded with Sid inspiring listeners to consider their roles in this rapidly evolving landscape. Emphasizing the importance of adaptability, creativity, and innovation, Sid Mohasseb's insights offer a roadmap for navigating the complexities of a future shaped by AI and technological advancements. Whether it's embracing AI in small businesses or rethinking our roles in society, the conversation between Joeri Billast and Sid Mohasseb serves as a thought-provoking guide for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and human purpose.

This blog post captures the essence of the podcast episode, highlighting key insights and takeaways from Sid Mohasseb's thought-provoking discussion with Joeri Billast. It's designed to be engaging and accessible, encouraging readers to reflect on the transformative power of AI and their role in this evolving landscape.

Entrepreneur Philosopher Sid Mohasseb

Entrepreneur Philosopher Sid Mohasseb


[01:14] What are you currently working on or involved in? 
[04:25] what do you foresee to be the next significant milestone in AI development and how might it impact or shape industries? 

[06:13] For small entrepreneurs, what key strategies can they use to compete with larger tech companies? 

[13:02] How can we balance AI's impact on work with fostering new avenues for human creativity and purpose, given emerging philosophical and visionary perspectives? 

[17:48] How can individuals leverage AI tools for personal development and self-improvement? 

[26:13] If people want to learn more about what you're doing, connect, or follow you, where should they go? 



"AI is an extension for us to think faster, to access more. You and I can't read tens of thousands of books, we can't aggregate it, we can't consume it, and yet alone we can't do it in a matter of sub seconds."  

"The biggest change that is going to be pushing us leap forward is on the human side, not on the technology side."  

"We are much more capable and we just have to realize it." 

"Entrepreneurship... it's about the exchange between what a customer wants versus what a company can give them."  

"We are inherently an entrepreneur. We have the ability in every bit of our being, it's in our genes, it's everywhere."  



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