Web3, Wine and Wisdom: Alessandro Venè on Tokenizing Assets, NFTs and the Future of Digital Investment

Unlock the world of Web3 and its potential to transform investment accessibility with our esteemed guest, Alessandro Venè, Chief Business Development Officer at CellarDAO Society. 

Imagine a platform where tokenizing prized assets like rare wines and spirits is not just a concept but a reality, bringing with it a cascade of benefits from market liquidity to undeniable proof of authenticity. As we converse with Alessandro, you'll be introduced to the intricacies of NFTs and how they're flipping the script for investors and enthusiasts alike. From the art of explaining complex tech in layman's terms to the cultural impacts shaping the adoption of these groundbreaking technologies, this episode is a goldmine for anyone eager to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of digital investments.

Embark on a journey with us through the personal growth landscapes of entrepreneurship and the profound insights from Balaji Srinivasan's "The Network State." Here, we dissect the synergy between blockchain solutions and AI, providing not just food for thought but actionable advice for productivity enthusiasts and Web3 optimists. This isn't your run-of-the-mill tech talk; it's a candid discussion filled with practical tips that promise to fuel your drive for innovation and efficiency. So, pour yourself a glass of your favorite vintage, and join us in navigating the exciting confluence of tradition and technology with Alessandro Venne. Don't forget to hit subscribe for a steady stream of thought-provoking conversations that promise to enrich your digital savviness.

Alessandro Venè

Alessandro Venè

Web3, Wine, and Wisdom: Insights from Joeri Billast's Podcast Episode with Alessandro Venè

In a recent episode of the "Web3 CMO Stories Podcast", Joeri Billast engaged in a fascinating dialogue with Alessandro Venè, a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in IT, digital advertising, and the wine industry. This blog captures the essence of their conversation, exploring the intersection of Web3, investment strategies, and the tantalizing world of wine.

The New Investment Paradigm: Web3 Meets Wine

Alessandro Venè started the conversation by unveiling " CellarDAO Society " - an innovative ecosystem at the forefront of real-world assets investment using blockchain technology. This initiative is revolutionizing how we perceive investments in rare wines and spirits by leveraging the power of tokenization.

Tokenization: The Future of Asset Investment

Alessandro explained how Saladow Society democratizes investments in high-value wines and spirits. By tokenizing these assets, they’re made accessible to a broader audience, allowing even those with modest budgets to partake in what was once an exclusive market.

Real-World Assets and NFTs

Joeri delved deeper, highlighting the intriguing blend of real-world assets with the advantages of NFTs. This integration brings transparency and traceability to investments, tackling issues like counterfeit products in the luxury industry.

The Potential of Web3 and Real-World Asset Integration

Alessandro touched on the vast potential of integrating Web3 technologies with real-world assets. He predicts a $30 trillion industry by 2030, emphasizing the benefits of 24/7 market liquidity and enhanced authenticity verification, crucial for sectors like real estate and luxury goods.

Challenges and Opportunities for Startups in Web3

The conversation shifted to the challenges startups face in the Web3 space, particularly regarding funding and market strategy. Alessandro's advice to founders was clear: focus on consistent, sustainable business models and avoid over-reliance on buzzwords.

Simplifying Web3 for the Average Person

One of the most significant challenges in Web3 is simplifying its complex concepts for the average person. Alessandro demonstrated this by explaining Saladow Society in layman's terms, emphasizing the importance of relatable language in Web3 communications.

Cultural Dimensions in Web3

Discussing the cultural impact of Web3, Alessandro referenced Balaji's book "The Network State", underscoring how Web3 can empower social change and bring diverse cultures together in a democratic, decentralized manner.

Lessons from Entrepreneurial Journeys

Alessandro shared personal anecdotes from his entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the importance of learning from failures and surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals for startup success.

Navigating the Bear Market with Optimism

In the face of a bear market, Alessandro encouraged staying optimistic and focusing on organic growth and clear KPIs, warning against the pitfalls of chasing VC money without a solid plan.

AI and Web3: The Convergence of Technologies

Finally, the conversation touched on the integration of AI in Web3 projects. Alessandro shared his use of AI in marketing, operations, and even legal aspects, pointing out the immense potential of this convergence.


This podcast episode with Alessandro Venè, hosted by Joeri Billast, was more than just a discussion on Web3; it was a deep dive into the future of technology, investment, and how these domains intersect with everyday life. The insights shared serve as a beacon for entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts in the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • The tokenization of real-world assets like wine is a game-changer in investment.
  • Simplifying Web3 for broader adoption is crucial.
  • Cultural diversity and collaboration are vital in the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Startups should focus on sustainable business models rather than chasing trends.
  • AI and Web3 are converging to create innovative solutions.

Stay tuned for more episodes of "Web3 CMO Stories Podcast" for insightful discussions that merge technology, marketing, and real-world applications.

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[01:53] What is CellarDAO, and how does it relate to Web3 technologies in the project? 

[03:53] Any advice for businesses wanting to integrate NFTs or Web3 technologies, like CellarDAO does, to enhance their products? 

[07:50] How can one position themselves in the early stages of Web3 and increase the likelihood of attracting capital? 

[11:14] How would you explain what you're doing with CellarDAO and Web3 to a neighbor who isn't familiar with these concepts? 

[14:07] How do cultural dimensions impact the adoption and implementation of Web3 technologies? 

[16:19] Can you share a valuable lesson you've learned, perhaps from a setback or failure, that has contributed to your growth, preferably within the context of Web3? 

[18:32] Any advice for those feeling pessimistic about the world and questioning the relevance of Web3 and How can they stay positive side?  

[20:24] How are you currently integrating AI into your personal productivity, professional life, or projects like CellarDAO? 



"We are building an investment fund where you can deposit your money and enjoy returns on an ex-multi-basis. You get interest and at the same time, you're building a marketplace where you can trade your assets." 

"CellarDAO Society is actually an entirely new ecosystem... It's going to be an NFT tokenizing platform marketplace where it's going to provide not just the exit for our under-asset management from Saladow, but also we will vet wine, top wine and top spirits maker to basically deploy their assets onto our marketplace." 

"What I normally advise startup founders, especially in Web3, is to have a consistent go-to-market strategy and reliable tokenomics that does not rely solely on the listing process but actually provides consistent revenues." 



CellarDAO: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cellardaosociety/ 




LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alessandrovene/ 



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