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Sam Kamani is  a Web3 expert, tech CEO and author. He is the Chief Web3 Strategist for Moonstream.to, Moonstream is the Web3 engine for Blockchain based games. Moonstream has handled over $2.5 Billion in transaction volume to date. Sam is also the founder and host of the ‘Web3 with Sam Kamani’ podcast, a top 20 web3 podcast globally and author of the Amazon Best selling "The 30 Day Startup".

He talks about opportunities in web3 and why web3 is going to be as big as the next industrial revolution.

Web 1 was created mainly for consumption, while web2 did a big leap and became more geared towards creators who shared content on social media. Nowadays there are still many people in the web2 world that get hired because they have talents or abilities which can be utilized by businesses looking to create their own online presence.

Web3 is different because it rewards users for their engagement. They get something back out of all the effort they put in creating content, while Instagram or Facebook only give you access to use these services but do not own any intellectual property rights whatsoever. This means that when someone takes an action on one platform, he/she can be compensated by another party with tokens instead rewarding him monetarily.

Another great side of web3 is there are projects protecting investors or making them feel safe in this uncertain world through tracing data assets within blockchain systems like Etherscan.

Nowadays there are tons of evolving and fascinating play-to-earn games. Before the people earning in these web3 games, there are people way back years ago earning by just playing games by joining tournaments like e-sports. The difference is you’re not stuck to one game to play all day, you are free to check the opportunity in other games. There’s a good and bad of playing to earn games. The copycat and the hard stuff in building a play to earn is always in there, an estimated 10,000 games are created every year and very few ones succeed.

The best advice is to make sure that the game you choose is fun and there’s a cherry on the top as a reward which means that you love playing that game and the reward is just a bonus, 15,000 games are about to be built in the next few months. Most of them will fail like web1 and web 2 but there are a few that will surely succeed.

It’s hard to predict what will be the future of web3, but like the iPhone back in the day, it’s also hard to predict until it evolved continuously including the camera and screens. It is the same thing in web3 where anyone can’t predict or even think about what will happen years from now, like bitcoin and NFTs none of us predict that it will stay or be owned by having a digital wallet.

For those who want to reach Sam Kamani, find him at samkamani.com where you can find all the links to him, or search for him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other social media platforms.   

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