S1 E51 What Really Matters When You’re Winning a Business Award – with Janet Casey




In this episode, I am welcoming Janet Casey.

Janet, an Adweek 35 Women Trailblazers USA, launched Marketing Doctor in 2003 and has grown it into a multi-million dollar agency specializing in global media planning and media buying. She brings considerable expertise in media planning, media buying, attribution / measurement and data strategy to the table. Leading one of the few companies in the country that did not participate in the Great Resignation (98% Retention Rate).

Janet is an expert on work culture, developing leadership and workforce retention. As President and Founder of Marketing Doctor, she is proud to lead a cutting-edge agency recognized as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company in America, 3 years running, along with multiple other national awards.

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[00:32] Who is Janet Casey?

[01:07] Is it right that you found Marketing Doctor in 2003?

[02:52] What did you do when you started the company and what are you doing today?

[06:18] How do clients find you?

[08:56] How did you achieve all your awards?

[12:20] What did you do to grow and to be nominated as one of the best places to work for?

[16:00] How do you stand out with your business?

[18:43] Are there certain trends that you see happening and impacting the way that you do your business?

[22:05] Do you have time to be active on social media? Or for your business? Or what is your relationship with social media?

[23:23] What is the platform that you would offer to connect with you?


“The story is not in winning the award the story isn't how you grew and got there and how you scaled and how you kept your staff.”


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janet-casey/

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