Why Should Businesses Be Focused On Making an Impact Before Making A Profit – with Mat Boyle

Mat Boyle is the CEO and Founder of Online To Offline (O2O), a company dedicated to helping businesses increase their lead generation activities, optimize their sales conversions and maximize their profits.

 But that's only one part of the story: O2O is committed to using entrepreneurship and job creation as a vehicle to end poverty driven exploitation and sexual slavery by opening centers in developing countries and using them as community hubs.

It all began with a trip to Thailand, which has been life changing for Mat: he got the opportunity to accompany a friend who was working around sexual exploitation and got to see the depravity firsthand.

This experience was a true eye opener: until then, Mat’s professional activities were mainly focused on making profit, but this experience made him realize he wanted to have an impact on people’s lives. Mat started as a volunteer, but soon realized this was not sufficient to make a real difference. That’s when he decided to build a framework based on the idea that the more people he helped, the more profit was made. 

Mat has been active in the field of sales training, but throughout the years, this has led to frustrations. Mat noticed very few of the salespersons he trained wanted to do the work that was actually needed in order to generate sales. Mat realized he could create an automated system, so that the tasks that salespeople where not investing their time in, could easily be outsourced. This automated system was put in place in a center in Thailand which functioned as a community hub. Local people were now offered an alternative to the inferior jobs they had to do to support their families.

This model has proven to be very successful: next year, O2O plans to open centers in Vietnam and Cambodia.

In order to guarantee quality standards, Mat adheres to a ‘systems first, people second’ approach, in which everything is system driven and templated. 

According to Mat, if you rely on people first, the outcome of your sales is very uncertain, and depends primarily on the performance of a person. However, if you build a system first and then bring people into that system, the result is more likely to be successful.

Measuring is key for success according to Mat: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. And if you can’t manage it, you don’t know what you’re doing”. 

Important in this measuring process is to constantly make small changes in your strategy, so that the companies’ KPI’s can be met. Mat compares this with the fact a plane constantly must make small course corrections, but that ‘’at the end of the flight, it lands exactly where it has to land’’.


[00:43] Who is Mat Boyle?

[01:52] Why should businesses be focused on making an impact before making a profit?

[03:54] Tell us a bit about how your trip to Thailand has impacted you in different ways not only with the view on your business.

[08:19] Can you explain you're opening these centers in developing currencies and using them as community hubs?

[12:11] How do you manage that you keep on delivering the quality expected from the clients?

[21:32] Do you see the difference in managing sales growth now compared to 10 years ago?

[25:33] What would be the best way for people to connect with you?


“In my experience businesses should want to help people first and make a profit second.”

“Through the internet, it develops all the sales processes that could help increase their profits massively.”

“Measuring is important, but the biggest mistake is relying on people first, and the profit system second.”




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