[Web Summit 2022] Why Many Web3 Projects Won’t Survive the Next Five Years – with Anastasiia Bobeshko

Anastasiia Bobeshko is the CMO (chief marketing officer) of ‘Yellow’. She got a degree in engineering and later on started working as a technical writer which marked the start of her marketing journey. Anastasiia worked at multiple companies as a marketing executive and ended up finding her interest in Crypto and joined ‘Yellow’ as the global head of marketing. ‘Yellow’ was introduced by Anastasiia as a company that is doing a lot of different things in Blockchain, Crypto, Web3 space, and everything that falls in between.

Talking about the current state of Blockchain, Anastasiia stated that it is messy and no one knows what to say and how to access it. She said that a lot of talks and focus is on decentralized infrastructure around web3 which is not here and even after 5 years from now there’s still going to be Web2.7 or Web2.75 but not Web3. According to her, as different companies are addressing different challenges of Web3, it is challenging to define Web3 for people.

Stating the challenges of Web3, Anastasiia mentioned that everything is not defined in Web3 as in Web2. The issues and practicality of Web2 are pretty straightforward but it is so difficult to assess how Web3 is going to look like. The current transitional phase from Web2 to Web3 is called Web2.5 by Anastasiia stating that businesses are not sure of what aspects they must focus on. Some businesses are doing things a certain way but it just does not go well with all the businesses to move forward. According to her explaining the concept of Crypto and assessing the fruitful ways of marketing in the Crypto space is what makes it challenging.

Sharing her concerns about the current scenario in the industry, Anastasiia brought up that there are so many hacks and scams out there. There are so many businesses out there that do not understand what Web3 is really about. They just catch the hype by using fancy terms and trying to get quick profit and fame without understanding the depth of this industry. According to her, if a project offers you quick profit or quick bounce, get out of it as soon as possible because Crypto and Blockchain are not about that.

Anastasiia mentioned that she is investing in Crypto but she does not trade a lot. Almost 100% of her team at ‘Yellow’ invest their money in Crypto because they do believe in what they are doing. She further added that by doing so, her company wants to unite people, to form a group of them to get to know the potential of Crypto in a better way.

Discussing the role of different platforms in the understanding of Crypto and Blockchain among the masses, she thinks Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and Telegram all have potential but Telegram is the winner for her. She stated that she spends most of her time on Telegram because there are people on Telegram who involves in discussions with her and ask her difficult questions that challenge her to learn more.  She is not a big fan of Twitter because of the whole Elon Musk takeover and the overall environment of Twitter that allows everyone to register for free on the platform. Talking about Discord, she mentioned her company has an exclusive community on it for token holders, NFT holders, and people who possess special roles as Discord is more about targeted discussions. Reddit is where her company is starting to build a community for people who want to learn and talk about trends of Crypto.

Anastasiia also added that her company has a dedicated blog on Medium where they talk about complex topics of Crypto like is high-frequency trading possible or not, why decentralized trading is not here yet, etc. They have their publication and dedicated writers to write about interesting topics for a better understanding of Crypto. Anastasiia referred to her company’s blog as an educational one.

As for the future of Web3, Anastasiia believes that it is not going to be here in the next 5 years. Web 2.75 can be achieved but not Web 3.0. With the Crypto crash and the disappearance of a lot of projects, she hopes for Crypto to get more regulations which means lesser profit but safer investment, something the same as what happened to traditional finances back in the day. The introduction of a regulatory framework for Crypto will reduce the volatility with the addition of new tokens and new points that will also reduce scams in the Crypto space.

Anastasiia mentioned that her company is doing the same thing as introducing a new regulatory framework. ‘Yellow’ is trying to build a unified protocol for all of the trading parties to come together and exchange, trade, and swap assets in a safely unified manner in a matter of milliseconds.

S2-E04 The Current State of Web3: Where We Are and What’s Next

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[00:51] Anastasia tells us a bit about yourself. Who are you? Where do you come from? What is your role at Yellow? 

[02:02] Tell us, Anastasia, what are your thoughts on the current state of blockchain nowadays? 

[03:40] Tell us a bit about the challenges that you see. 

[05:35] Sharing thoughts about challenges. 

[08:43] Are you also investing in crypto? NFTs? 

[11:04] Are there other places where you could build community? 

[14:57] How much time have you spent on Twitter? 

[17:11] If you post it directly on Medium you get more views on the content. Is that right? 

[18:54] How do you see Web3 to your business? Or Web3 in general blockchain evolve in the next few years? 

[22:15] How would you like people to connect with you? 



“Do not focus on the online community.” 

“In Web3 I do believe that people would have the preference of choosing their most convenient way of communication.” 



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Twitter: https://twitter.com/anabobeshko 

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