“Warren Buffett in a Web3 World”, with Matthew Snider

Unlock the synergy between Warren Buffett's investment sagacity and the dynamic world of Web3 with Matthew Snider of Block3 Strategy Group. 

In our enlightening chat, we peel back the layers of traditional investment philosophy to reveal how it weaves seamlessly with the fabric of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Matthew's tale, spanning from management consulting to being at the forefront of blockchain innovation, coupled with my own investment club roots, paves the way for a rich discourse on the promise of Web3 for business growth and the seismic shifts introduced by NFTs in the market.

How can AI and blockchain serve as the compass and map in the terra incognita of Web3 decisions? We pore over the role of data as the lifeblood of strategy, from fueling software innovation to unveiling new dimensions of transparency and security. The volatility of the cryptocurrency landscape poses a Sisyphean challenge to traditional market analysis, yet through our exchange, we share the beacon of knowing one's circle of competence, guiding listeners to chart a prudent course through the tumultuous waters of investment choices.

This episode is not just a conversation; it's a masterclass for any intrepid investor aiming to demystify the enigmatic world of Web3. I impart timeless truths from the investment legends, tailored for the digital frontier, as we navigate through the intricacies of blockchain investments. With Matthew Snider's expertise, we bridge the chasm between established economic precepts and the burgeoning digital economy, equipping you with the acumen needed for a foray into Web3's uncharted territory.

Matthew Snider

Matthew Snider

Exploring the Intersection of Web3 and Investment Strategies: Insights from Matthew Snider

Welcome to the latest edition of our blog, where we delve into the fascinating world of Web3 and blockchain technologies, guided by insights from Matthew Snider, President and Co-Founder of Block3 Strategy Group. Hosted by Joeri Billast, also known as 'The Web3 CMO', this podcast episode offers a deep dive into leveraging blockchain technologies for new income channels and the evolving landscape of Web3 investments.

Matthew Snider's Journey into Web3

Matthew's journey is a story of evolution, beginning his post-MBA career in management consulting and transitioning into a leading expert in Web3, blockchain, and crypto. His curiosity in the investment ecosystem led him to explore the burgeoning field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, recognizing their potential early on.

From Consulting to Web3 Innovator

Matthew's initial foray into Web3 started with consultancy in big four tech companies, where he realized the potential of blockchain for go-to-market strategies. Despite being ahead of his time, Matthew persisted, learning and investing in the space, leading to the creation of Block3 Strategy Group.

NFTs and Blockchain - More Than Just a Hype

A significant focus of the discussion centers around NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Matthew highlights how NFTs and blockchain can transcend being mere trends and become valuable tools for businesses. From generating revenue through digital and physical product pairings to enhancing customer engagement, the applications are diverse and potent.

Sustainable Wealth Growth in Web3

A core philosophy of Block3 Strategy Group is the sustainable growth of wealth. Matthew emphasizes a balanced approach to investing in Web3, combining well-known tokens with investments in companies actively building in the blockchain space. This strategy aims for stability and sustainable growth over short-term gains.

Web3 for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

For businesses venturing into Web3, Matthew advises understanding how their expertise fits into a Web3 strategy. By observing how big brands utilize blockchain, companies can find inspiration for integrating these technologies into their operations, whether it's for marketing, payments, or leveraging smart contract royalties.

The Role of AI in Web3 Investments

Discussing the intersection of AI and blockchain, Matthew sees a future where AI assists in decision-making by utilizing standardized, secure blockchain data. This synergy could revolutionize how businesses make informed decisions based on reliable and transparent data.

Web3 Investment Strategies - A Realistic Approach

Matthew stresses the importance of understanding what you know and don't know in Web3 investments. He advises against jumping onto every trend and instead focuses on learning and understanding your areas of expertise, which can lead to more informed and successful investment decisions.

Matthew's Book: A Guide for Navigating Web3 Investments

In his book, "Warren Buffett in a Web3 World," Matthew distills Warren Buffett's investment wisdom into the context of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain. The book aims to provide a straightforward guide for investors navigating the complex world of Web3.


Matthew Snider’s insights shed light on the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of Web3. From sustainable investment strategies to understanding the integration of blockchain in business, his expertise offers valuable guidance for those navigating this new digital frontier. Whether you're an entrepreneur, marketer, or investor, the key takeaway is to approach Web3 with curiosity, caution, and a commitment to continuous learning.

“Warren Buffet in a Web3 World: Applying 60 Years of Sage Advice to Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Blockchains & More”.

“Warren Buffet in a Web3 World: Applying 60 Years of Sage Advice to Crypto, NFTs, Blockchains & More”.


[01:40] What's your journey from management consulting to becoming a leading expert in Web3, blockchain, and crypto? 

[05:48] Do you also advising your clients or people you work with, using shards to time the marketmarkets. 

[07:53] Can entrepreneurs and marketers leverage Web3 technologies to grow their businesses and create wealth? If so, what advice would you give them on where to start? 

[12:00] Do you anticipate significant evolution in the space in the coming years, moving towards mass adoption? How do you envision the overall development? 

[13:39] Is it a good idea to invest in NFTs for a diversified portfolio? 

[18:46] How does AI factor into your approach to Web3 investments? Does it play a role in your decision-making process or overall strategies? 

[20:56] Is there a distinction in data utilization for decision-making in Web3 investments compared to traditional stock markets? 

[24:10] Can you offer a teaser or share some advice from your book for our listeners who are interested in Web3, whether for their businesses or investments? 



"I was three or four or five years too early and nobody really listened or cared, and so I just kept learning on the back end, kept investing and doing my thing." 

"A couple years ago, we had this big NFT boom which really got me thinking well, maybe I could start consulting about that."  

"Our perspective has always been growing wealth sustainably for the long term." 

"You use AI to make decisions... now it's ingesting the blockchain data, in a standardized, secure, transparent way." 

"I think one of the most important aspects of investing is to be able to tell somebody in a simple way why you chose this and why you chose this over other options." 



Matthew Snider’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/Warren-Buffett-Web3-World-Cryptocurrency/dp/B0BS1V5CD6 



LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewjamessnider/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/block3strategy 



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