Revamping Business Strategy with Web3 Analytics: The Cookie3 Experience with Filip Wielanier

Imagine being able to understand your customer's journey in the Web3 world like never before. 

This episode promises to change the way you view marketing analytics, as we delve into the fascinating insights of Filip Wielanier, co-founder and CEO of Cookie3. He takes us through the intricate process of merging off-chain and on-chain data to revolutionize the marketing funnel. We discuss how Cookie3 has helped companies optimize marketing budgets and strategize for maximum impact. Filip even shares a compelling case study from a company that successfully streamlined its strategy, thanks to Cookie3.

As we journey deeper, we uncover the critical importance of privacy compliance in Web3 analytics. Filip explains how Cookie3 remains committed to GDPR compliance and data anonymity, making it a trustworthy choice for businesses. We also shed light on the potential of AI in unraveling valuable insights in this domain. One of our highlights includes a success story where a client astonishingly cut down their customer acquisition cost by 60% with Cookie3's campaign manager. This episode is an eye-opener for those in the Web3 marketing space or anyone curious about how merging off-chain and on-chain data can transform their business.

Navigating the Web3 Analytics Revolution with Filip Wielanier

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3, the importance of innovative analytics solutions cannot be overstated. This episode of the 'Web3 CMO Stories Podcast,' hosted by Joeri Billast, shone a light on this critical topic. Joeri, a seasoned marketing strategist and Web3 enthusiast, engaged in a deep dive with Filip Wielanier, the co-founder and CEO of Cookie3, exploring the gaps in Web3 analytics and the groundbreaking solutions being developed.

The Web3 Analytics Gap

Filip Wielanier began by detailing the inception of Cookie3, highlighting a significant gap in the Web3 space. He observed that while plenty of analytics focused on the financial aspects of Web3 projects, like money flows and TVLs (Total Value Locked), there was a lack of user-centric analytics. This gap became more evident with the adoption of NFTs, which introduced more real-life use cases and entertainment aspects to the Web3 space.

The Revolution of Cookie3

Cookie3 emerged as a solution to this gap, providing comprehensive insights into user behaviors and preferences in Web3 projects. By merging off-chain attribution data with on-chain conversions, Cookie3 offers a holistic view of the customer journey, something that was previously a challenge in the Web3 ecosystem.

Bridging Web2 and Web3 Analytics

Joeri, with his background in business analytics, recognized the significance of Cookie3's approach. He pointed out how traditional Web2 analytics methods fall short in the Web3 domain. Filip explained that Cookie3 enables businesses to understand not just the traffic to their websites but also the Web3 interactions of their users. This integrated view of off-chain and on-chain activities provides a richness to analytics previously unseen in Web2.

Real-World Impact and Strategies

Filip shared a case study demonstrating the impact of their analytics on a DeFi platform's marketing strategy. By leveraging Cookie3's insights, the platform significantly reduced its customer acquisition costs, optimizing marketing spend based on performance data. This example underscored the potential for analytics to transform marketing strategies in the Web3 space.

Ethical and Privacy Considerations

Addressing privacy concerns, Filip emphasized Cookie3's commitment to GDPR compliance and user anonymity. Unlike traditional Web2 platforms that often compromise user privacy, Cookie3 ensures that all data is aggregated and anonymized, respecting the ethos of privacy in the Web3 world.

Future Directions and AI Integration

Looking ahead, Filip discussed the role of AI in enhancing Web3 analytics. Cookie3 plans to incorporate AI to provide automated recommendations, segmentation, and benchmarking, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in data analysis.

Conclusion: Staying Ahead in the Web3 Era

Joeri concluded the podcast by emphasizing the importance of analytics in staying competitive in the Web3 space. For marketers and entrepreneurs, understanding and leveraging these insights is key to success. He invited listeners to explore the world of Web3 analytics and reach out to Cookie3 for deeper insights.

Key Takeaways:

  • The evolution of Web3 demands innovative analytics solutions focused on user behaviors and preferences.
  • Cookie3 bridges the gap between traditional Web2 analytics and the unique needs of the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Ethical considerations and user privacy are paramount in the development of Web3 analytics tools.
  • The integration of AI in analytics will further revolutionize data analysis in the Web3 space.
  • Staying informed and utilizing these cutting-edge analytics tools is crucial for businesses looking to thrive in the dynamic world of Web3.

This podcast episode not only provided valuable insights into the current state of Web3 analytics but also offered a glimpse into the future of how businesses can leverage these tools for strategic advantage. As the Web3 space continues to grow, staying abreast of these developments will be key to success.

Revamping Business Strategy with Web3 Analytics: The Cookie3 Experience with Filip Wielanier | S3 E37

 Filip Wielanier and Joeri Billast at Next Block Expo (NBX) in Berlin


[00:39] Filip, could you share the story behind Cookie3 and the specific gap in the Web3 marketing space that you noticed and are addressing on the podcast? 

[03:13] Can you provide an example from the analysis conducted with Cookie3, either by you or your clients, to illustrate how your tool operates? 

[06:20] Could you share an example of how the analytics provided by your tool have influenced or changed strategies for companies entering the market? 

[08:31] How crucial do you consider the accessibility of your platform for users in the Web3 space? 

[10:25] Can you share a success story or a notable case, without disclosing the client's name, that highlights the impact of your platform? 

[12:41] Do you also consider ethical considerations, and do you perceive any differences in ethical considerations between what you're doing now in Web3 compared to Web2? 

[15:20] How do you envision the evolution of Web3 analytics in the near future, and do you see a significant role for AI in this space? 

[16:44] How do you balance innovation and creativity with project management? 

[18:46] What advice do you have for marketers, entrepreneurs, and those transitioning from Web2 to Web3 to stay ahead amidst the ongoing changes? Any personal tips you follow? 



"We were actually pretty surprised that there is no user analytics solution that would provide comprehensive knowledge and insights about the users of the Web3 projects." -Filip Wielanier 

"That's really interesting that you have now the whole picture. Actually, I have a background in business analytics. I really understand what you're talking about." -Joeri Billast 

 "We are cookie free because we are cookie less. We are really loving the solution as well, as it gives them a much more insightful look at their community on the both side of often and on-chain data." -Filip Wielanier 

"If you spend any like even cent or dollar on marketing, we can provide you the huge value in terms of optimizing those spending." -Filip Wielanier 

"If you want to make the difference and stay ahead, as we said. So, philipp, people that are now listening and that they are interested in checking out Cookie 3 or they want to connect with you, where would you like to send them?" -Joeri Billast 








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