Can Simplified Web3 Strategies Revolutionize Social Media Marketing? – with Viktoriia Miracle

Join us on a captivating journey with Viktoriia Miracle, the dynamic CCO of Cheelee, the groundbreaking short video social media platform. In this episode, Viktoriia shares her extraordinary transition from the culinary world to becoming a trailblazer in the digital space, utilizing blockchain and NFT technology.

Dive into Viktoriia's intriguing story, starting from her entrepreneurial beginnings at 18, opening a restaurant, to her exploration and eventual mastery of the digital realm. We delve into the crucial moments that shaped her career, including overcoming burnout and rediscovering her passion through blockchain technology. Discover how her insights and leadership have helped propel Cheelee to remarkable success, amassing over 1 million users in just 7 months.

Cheelee isn't just another social media platform; it's a revolution in social finance. Here, every user, not just content creators, has the opportunity to monetize their engagement. We explore the innovative strategies behind Cheelee's appeal - how it simplifies the complexities of Web3 and makes blockchain technology accessible to all. Viktoriia sheds light on how they integrate NFTs and token systems into their business model in a user-friendly way, avoiding overwhelming their audience with technical jargon.

Learn about Cheelee’s approach to rewarding user participation, the potential for content creators in this new and expanding ecosystem, and how their proprietary AI algorithms enhance user experience. We also discuss Cheelee’s strategic growth, focusing on building a solid user base before scaling up marketing efforts.

This episode is more than just a story of success; it's a treasure trove of insights for anyone interested in the intersection of social media and blockchain technology. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a marketer looking to understand the future of social finance, or just curious about how blockchain is reshaping the social media landscape, Viktoriia’s journey and the rise of Cheelee are sure to inspire and inform.

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Joeri Billast and Victoriia Miracle on the Web3 CMO Stories podcast

Victoriia Miracle on the Web3 CMO Stories podcast

Unveiling the Future of Social Media with Viktoriia Miracle

In the latest episode of the "Web3 CMO Stories" podcast, I had the pleasure of hosting Viktoriia Miracle, the Chief Communication Officer of Viktoriia, a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in various industries, shared her journey and insights into the evolving world of social media, especially in the context of Web3. This blog post encapsulates the highlights of our conversation, offering valuable takeaways for entrepreneurs, marketers, and anyone intrigued by the future of digital communication and media.

Viktoriia's Diverse Journey

Viktoriia's story is a testament to versatility and adaptability. Starting at 18, she dived into the entrepreneurial world, opening a restaurant and later a flower shop. Her transition from traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to the online realm marked a significant shift in her career. She emphasized the burnout experienced in small online businesses and how this led her to explore blockchain technology and the burgeoning fields of metaverse, gamification, and decentralized finance (DeFi).

The Birth of Cheelee

The pivot in Viktoriia's career is marked by her deep dive into blockchain in 2020-2021. Her exploration led to an opportunity with Cheelee, a social media platform that aims to redefine user interaction with social media corporations. Unlike conventional platforms that predominantly benefit content creators, Cheelee shares profits with all users, providing monetary rewards simply for engaging with the platform.

Cheelee's Unique Proposition

What sets Cheelee apart is its user-centric approach. Viktoriia explained how the platform challenges the status quo by rewarding users for their time and attention, not just content creation. This model has led to an impressive growth spurt for Cheelee, amassing over 1 million users in just seven months.

Marketing Strategies for Rapid Growth

Viktoriia shared the marketing strategies that fueled Cheelee's growth. She highlighted the importance of simplicity in communication, avoiding jargon, and creating an easy user experience. The platform's success is attributed to its straightforward approach, allowing users to earn from activities they already do on social media, like scrolling through feeds.

Web3 and Cheelee

A significant part of our discussion revolved around how Cheelee incorporates Web3 elements. Viktoriia explained that while the platform operates on blockchain technology, it avoids overwhelming users with technical terms. Instead, it focuses on the practical benefits, like earning tokens and easy transactions.

Content Creation in the New Era

We also delved into the world of content creation on new platforms like Cheelee. Viktoriia emphasized the psychological aspects of content consumption, noting that quality content will naturally attract viewers, regardless of the platform.

The Road Ahead

Looking forward, Viktoriia expressed excitement about new features being rolled out on Cheelee, such as AI-powered editing and the ability for users to directly support content creators through donations. This model not only incentivizes content creation but also fosters a more connected and supportive community.


Viktoriia Miracle's insights offer a glimpse into a future where social media platforms empower and reward every user, not just a select few. Cheelee's model could be a game-changer in the industry, paving the way for more equitable and user-friendly social media experiences. For those interested in exploring this innovative platform, Viktoriia welcomes you to visit and join their growing community.

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Key Takeaways

  • Viktoriia Miracle's journey from traditional business to the forefront of Web3.
  • The unique approach of Cheelee in rewarding all users.
  • Marketing strategies for rapid platform growth.
  • The importance of simplifying Web3 concepts for user adoption.
  • The future of content creation and community support in social media.



[01:16] Could you briefly share your fascinating personal journey and insights gained while working in diverse industries, ranging from restaurants to tech startups? 

[04:50] What is Cheelee and how does it differ from platforms like TikTok? 

[06:26] Can you share insights into the strategies that contributed to achieving 1 million users in just seven months, as it's a remarkable achievement? 

[09:44] Could you explain how the Web3 component and tokens work in your solution, and what advantages they bring to your platform? 

[14:00] As a young startup, what is the user experience like when creating an account on Cheelee? What can users expect to see when they sign up? 

[19:02] On Cheelee, do you employ specific content creation strategies that outperform others, similar to the quick-hook approach on platforms like TikTok? 

[21:36] How many people are currently working at Cheelee? 

[22:04] What excites you the most today, whether it's the changing landscape of social media in Web3 or something specific happening at Cheelee? 



"We are the first social media platform to share revenue with people, not only content creators." 

"Once you land on the platform, you start earning rewards, you can start watching videos."  

"It's very simple, and I think that's also one of the why you know the success of users joining and recommending to others and sharing about it."  

"We think it's unfair and that's why our mission is to give everybody opportunity to monetize their time on social media, despite the number of subscribers." 

"But if you actually building a long-term company, you have to think about it in long term." 



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