S1 E47 How to Close Big Deals from Your Podcast – with Josh Tapp




Today's guest is Josh Tapp.

Josh is the host of the Apple iTunes Top 50 Marketing and Entrepreneurship Podcast, The Lucky Titan, Josh has worked with over 1500 of the world’s top entrepreneurs discovering their most coveted business success secrets and sharing them with the world. His company, Podcast Multipliers, has helped over 750 entrepreneurs (and counting) to launch, monetize, and scale their own industry leading podcasts.

Leveraging the Pantheon Method (Josh's proprietary method for scaling industry leading podcasts), he founded multiple 7 figure businesses and has spoken in front of nearly 500,000 entrepreneurs worldwide.Enter your text here...


[00:51] Who is Josh Tapp?

[02:24] How do you monetize a podcast?

[03:25] Sharing thoughts about the podcast.

[17:38] How do you feel about people who pay to skim the light?

[20:39] Do you have a tactic that you use to do as much as possible and in less time?

[25:28] How can they get in touch with you if they want to know more?

[26:49] Are you open to people connecting with your organization?


“A podcast in and of itself is not built to build an audience. It's there to maintain and help monetize an audience.”

“When I first discovered podcasting, I was like this is a game-changing technology.”




LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/theluckytitan/

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