S1 E33 How to Land B2B Clients? – with Mark Firth




Today's guest is Mark Firth. He spent a large portion of his life working a corporate job in London, he worked for companies like IBM and Siemens but he was left feeling unfulfilled.  He went in search of answers and an 11 year journey from the UK to Colombia for a decade, fell in love and stated a family and then a business. He finally made it into Florida on an investment visa supported by his business.

[01:12] Who is Mark Firth? 
[02:18] How do you keep your balance between your family and your business?
[05:15] What would you advise as the first thing to do to land B2B clients? 
[08:14] Is SMS marketing something that you would advise in B2B?
[09:07] Adding LinkedIn plays a part in your marketing strategies for b2b, right?
[10:45] What are your thoughts on using LinkedIn ads, Google ads, or ads on both social media
[12:21] Do you have themes on how to enter into a conversation with your ideal clients?
[13:39] Do you think looking for common ground and doing some preparation work and a conversation is a way to avoid looking like someone who sends spam messages?
[15:56] What kind of B2B marketing sales strategy in general would people need to do execute?
[17:50] Would you advise companies to outsource lead generation and what would then be the criteria to keep in mind?
[18:51] Are there certain tools that you would advise that in general are good tools to put in place are these practices?
[20:56] How are you someone that also believes in this aspect of the results from SEO?

"No matter what you do on LinkedIn is not going to work unless you're positioned to a very specific, urgent, relevant problem."


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markfirthonline/

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