S1 E17 How Clara Runs her Domestic Abuse Non Profit – with Clara Baldwin

Today's guest is Clara Baldwin, founder and CEO at Peace Over Pieces Domestic Abuse Non-Profit, Ground Plan Studio Marketing, and Cure Medical Marketing. This episode was recorded through a StreamYard call on April 25, 2022.


[00:17] How are you doing?

[01:07] How did you get on my podcast?

[02:05] What is your story?

[07:08] Do you get energy from your nonprofit projects?

[13:21] How did Joeri start? 

[16:17] About her book.

[18:00] What is your favourite social media channel? 

[24:35] How can people connect with you?


·        It depends also how you look at things, because when things happen to you, you can really look at the most negative aspect of it or look at how can I learn from it? How can I benefit from that?

·        You just have to trust your instinct: confidence ultimately will get you really far you just have to believe in yourself and  learn constantly in shaping your skills.

·        You should not see it as rejection, but as a redirection.


Mentioned Books

·        The 5K Challenge for Solopreneurs

·        Peace Over Pieces Anthology by Survivors of Abuse Paperback


·        LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clarabaldwin

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