Inside the World of Blockchain Advertising with Benjamin Dunkel: From Cryptocurrency Investments to Web3 Innovations

Have you ever wondered how blockchain and cryptocurrency could revolutionize your world? Dive deep into these mysteries with our distinguished guest, Benjamin Dunkel, the innovative founder of How to Begin Crypto Com and VP at Alkimi Exchange.

Transitioning from a thriving career in e-commerce and SaaS, Benjamin became a self-taught blockchain enthusiast and truly represents the essence of a groundbreaking pioneer. His remarkable journey, characterized by an audacious leap into the volatile domain of cryptocurrency during a global pandemic, ignited a passion leading him to establish an online training program. This program guides individuals on the safe investment pathways within the enchanting universe of cryptocurrency.

In this riveting conversation, we uncover the marvels of Alkimi, the pioneering blockchain startup where Benjamin is blazing a trail. The brilliance of Alkimi doesn't merely lie in its decentralized ad exchange set to reshape advertising. It's also committed to addressing the triad of challenges haunting the advertising sector: exorbitant fees, dubious data, and escalating carbon emissions. Benjamin provides insights into how Alkimi's revolutionary decentralized infrastructure seeks to counter these concerns while delivering an unmatched advertising experience.

Yet, every trailblazing venture faces its own set of challenges. With candidness, Benjamin delves into the highs and lows of marketing and promoting Alkimi's ad exchange. He celebrates the team's technical acumen, which empowered them to devise the exchange in under two years. Additionally, he unveils the strategic tactics employed to boost the project's adoption amidst a bearish blockchain climate. Offering an eye-opening case study of their debut test client, Benjamin emphasizes the unparalleled transparency achieved through blockchain and hashing mechanisms. As a cherry on top, we explore the untapped horizons of Web3 and its potential to launch businesses into unparalleled success. Join us on this exhilarating journey through blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the transformative essence of Web3 with the incomparable Benjamin Dunkel.

Alkimi's Revolution in Advertising: A Deep Dive with Benjamin “Slam” Dunkel

When you think of online advertising, what comes to mind? Perhaps it's those pesky ads that interrupt your YouTube video or the banners that pop up when you're reading an article. But behind those simple displays lies a complex ecosystem. In a recent podcast episode, Benjamin “Slam” Dunkel, a key player at Alkimi, sheds light on the future of online advertising through the lens of Web3 and blockchain technology.

The Genius Behind Alkimi: Benjamin “Slam” Dunkel

Before diving into the depths of the conversation, it's essential to understand who Benjamin is. With a decade of experience in eCommerce and SAAS, Benjamin has worn many hats. He's been a team manager, a solution consultant, and delivered countless projects. Before his role at Alkimi, he was a part of the EMEA leadership team at Bazaarvoice. Here, he advised some of the leading brands and retailers across the globe.

Moreover, Dunkel isn't just a corporate guru. He's multilingual, fluent in German, English, and French, and has been a self-taught blockchain enthusiast since 2017. He even founded in 2020, which later became part of Alkimi Akademi. This platform offers online training for those eager to venture into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency investing.

Introducing Alkimi: The Web3 Revolution in Advertising

Alkimi is not just another ad exchange. It's an avenue that aims to bring transparency, control, and value to the advertising industry, all using the power of blockchain technology. With the vision of "generative economics," the team at Alkimi believes in an ecosystem where every participant benefits. Imagine a world where more participation leads to everyone winning. That's the goal.

Historically, advertising involved three primary stakeholders:

  1. The Publisher: These are the platforms or spaces where the ads are displayed. It could be a website, a billboard, or even a pamphlet.
  2. The Brand: They want to advertise to the audience accessed by the publisher.
  3. The User: It's you and me, the ones who see and interact with the ads.

But today, the dynamic has shifted. Users have become data farms, continuously harvested for data that is then sold off. Benjamin emphasizes the need to bring the user back into the value exchange. With blockchain, people can reclaim ownership of their data, decide what they want to share, and even get rewarded for it.

The Two Audiences: Web2 and Web3

In his conversation, Dunkel highlighted the intriguing challenge of catering to two different audiences: those familiar with the Web3 space and those who aren't. While the former group is keen on token-related benefits and the blockchain side of operations, the latter focuses more on business benefits like reduced fees, better data, and reduced carbon footprints.

For the traditional clients, Alkimi presents a familiar structure with a transformative underbelly. They promise the same functionality as other ad exchanges but with significantly more advantages due to their blockchain backbone.

For the crypto community, the allure lies in the potential of the Alkimi ecosystem. With a limited token supply and an increasing demand, Alkimi's approach promises a sustainable and beneficial relationship for token holders.

The Road Ahead: Marketing and Awareness

The Alkimi team understands the importance of making their presence known. Through podcasts, community engagement on platforms like Telegram, and continuous content creation, they're reaching out to both their target audiences.

One of the most significant accomplishments for Alkimi has been building the ad exchange in under two years. With its launch in February, the primary focus now is adoption. And with the promise of transparency and real value, it seems Alkimi is on the right track.


The world of online advertising is on the brink of a revolution. With leaders like Benjamin “Slam” Dunkel and platforms like Alkimi, the future seems promising. As technology advances and the lines between Web2 and Web3 blur, there's no doubt that advertising will become more transparent, efficient, and user-centric. So, the next time you come across an online ad, remember that behind that simple display is an evolving and revolutionary ecosystem.

Benjamin "Slam" Dunkel

Benjamin "Slam" Dunkel


[02:04] Could you briefly share what drew you to blockchain and cryptocurrency and what fuels your passion for this field at the start of this podcast episode? 

[05:49] Is now a good time for people to explore your available course during the bear market? 

[07:46] As Vice President of Ecosystem Growth at Alkimi, what challenges and opportunities have you encountered in your role? 

[09:50] Could you provide more details about Alkimi and elaborate on the concept of a centralized ad exchange and its transformative impact on advertising? 

[14:50] Before we started the recording you mentioned the word generative economics in the context of Alkimi. Could you elaborate on this concept? 

[19:02] When engaging with individuals already in the Web3 space compared to those who aren't, do you employ different communication techniques, and how do you tackle the challenge of making people understand the concepts involved? 

[25:29] How do you ensure both of these audiences, those already aware of your presence and those who need to discover you, become aware of your existence? Are there specific marketing initiatives or strategies you can discuss that address this? 

[30:39] If people want to know more about Alkimi, and want to connect with you, where would you like to send them? 


"Yeah, it's a concept that comes up in our white paper... it's almost like this image of if you say a rising tide raises all boats, the more people participate, the more everybody wins." 

"Today, this kind of value exchange that you have there... today you and me and anybody using a computer has become kind of a data farm. So we are being harvested for our data." 

"Blockchain is very often described as technology that allows everybody to take back ownership of their data." 

"We do the same thing that these traditional ad exchanges do, but we do it for less money. All you have to do is take 10, 5, 1% of your monthly budget, unplug that over here and plug it into Alkimi, and so it's a seamless process." 

“You know, the bear market. In a way, it's good because it feels like a cleanse. It's, like, you know, purifying a little bit the blockchain space because it goes back to really the basics is do you have a product? Is there a market fit? Are there clients that you can serve with your product?" 



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