Exploring AI, VR and Web3 Technologies in the HR Landscape with Industry Expert Matt Burns

Have you ever wondered how technology could revolutionize your human resources experience? Now you can, as we sat down with renowned global industry analyst, Matt Burns

Matt is known for his wealth of knowledge in HR and tech, leading an award-winning team that has been recognized for its innovative use of HR technology. Join in as Matt shares his journey into technology and his pragmatic, evidence-based approach to using AI and Web3 technologies to revolutionize the world of work.

In our captivating conversation, we also navigate the mind-blowing potential of Virtual Reality (VR). With Matt's insights, we explore how VR could transform interactions, coaching, and performance management in your team. Imagine team meetings that foster unprecedented collaboration, brainstorming, and problem-solving in an immersive way. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, right? But with VR, this could be your reality.

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room - the adoption of AI and VR. Sharing his hands-on experience with Microsoft, Matt divulges how they replicated a traditional HR conference virtually. We also examine the challenges that come with AI adoption and how being mindful and intentional can make all the difference. Undoubtedly, technology has the potential to shake things up in HR, and if you're interested in being part of this exciting revolution, this episode is just for you! So sit back, relax, and let Matt Burns take you on a journey through the future of work.

The Future of Work: Exploring AI, VR, and the Metaverse

The Web3 CMO Stories podcast, hosted by Joeri Billast, is a platform that has always been at the forefront of discussions on the future of technology. In a recent episode, Joeri sat down with Matt Burns, an HR enthusiast and innovative thinker, to delve deep into the evolving landscapes of AI, VR, and the metaverse.

The Metaverse: More Than Just a Buzzword

The metaverse, a term that has been buzzing around in tech circles, represents a new frontier of digital interaction. But what is it exactly? As Matt Burns eloquently put it, it's a combination of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and the internet. It's the next iteration of how we interact digitally, providing a more immersive and collaborative experience.

Burns and his team have been pioneering the use of VR in HR, using it for hiring, training, and even sales. When the pandemic hit in 2020, and face-to-face meetings became a challenge, they sent VR headsets to potential clients to conduct demos. This approach not only addressed the challenges of remote interactions but also elevated the level of intimacy and innovation in their communication.

However, Burns is quick to point out that he's not advocating for a world entirely reliant on VR. Instead, he emphasizes the balance between technology and real-world interactions, ensuring inclusivity and innovation.

AI: A Tool for Empowerment and Efficiency

Joeri and Matt also touched upon the topic of artificial intelligence (AI), a domain that's transforming businesses and personal lives. AI, as Burns points out, can be seen as both a disruptor and an accelerant. The key is to use it intentionally, maximizing its benefits while being cautious of its pitfalls.

Burns shared his personal experience with chatGPT, an AI tool that he uses daily for various tasks, from research to content creation. He even mentioned that he hasn't done a Google search in three months, relying solely on chatGPT for more robust and thoughtful answers.

Challenges and Opportunities

No technological advancement comes without its set of challenges. For VR, the major barrier is the initial reluctance to adopt. There's a hesitation to invest in a new gadget and a natural bias against putting a "clunky object" on one's face. But once you try it, the potential becomes clear, as many of Burns' conference speakers discovered.

Similarly, the metaverse has its skeptics. The narrative surrounding it sometimes deters people from exploring its potential. However, as Joeri and Matt discussed, the key is to be open, experiment, and adapt. The possibilities are endless, from HR to marketing and beyond.

Final Thoughts

Joeri's conversation with Matt Burns offers a glimpse into the exciting future of work. As Burns aptly summarized, the word of the day is "intentionality." Whether it's AI, VR, or the metaverse, the idea is to be deliberate about how we integrate these technologies into our work and lives.

As we move forward, embracing these innovations while remaining anchored in real-world interactions will be the way to strike the perfect balance. The future is not about choosing between the real world and the digital but understanding how they can harmoniously coexist.

If you're intrigued by these discussions and want to delve deeper, you can connect with Matt Burns on LinkedIn and tune into the Web3 CMO Stories podcast for more insights. The future is here, and it's time to embrace it!

Matt Burns

Matt Burns


[02:07] How did your journey shape your understanding of the three technologies and their potential? 

[04:15] How do you perceive technology trends such as Web3 and AI impacting the world of work? 

[07:57] How do you envision immersive technologies impacting the building of communities and fostering collaboration among people working together, based on your experience and insights? 

[14:41] You envision starting job interviews on Zoom for face-to-face interaction and later switching to the metaverse with avatars. How would this transition work 

[17:43] Based on your experience, what challenges do you see, and do you have any tips for overcoming them in immersive tech adoption? 

[22:31] In your experience, do you find that when companies engage with clients, the metaverse narrative tends to garner less attention or enthusiasm compared to before? 

[25:43] What advice would you offer to marketers and entrepreneurs who are considering AI and the metaverse but are unsure about how to start? 


"I'm not here to advocate for a world where we all sit in our houses with our VR headsets and never leave. What I'm saying is there's an opportunity to be inclusive and be innovative about technology." - Matt Burns 

"If you have a meeting, you need to look at what is the goal of the meeting and where is it the best place to do that meeting? Is it in real life, if possible? It's in a metaverse, it's on Zoom. Is it a phone call?" - Joeri Billast 

"Every technology is a double-edged sword. It's a disruptor and it's an accelerant, and if you put bad things into those tools, you're gonna get massively accelerated negative outcomes." - Matt Burns 

"AI will be an incredibly powerful tool and if we're using it to analyze and take the right kinds of actions, it's gonna be an incredible democratizer of knowledge and education and access and insights." - Matt Burns 

"Our team, we try and create at least an hour per week in everybody's schedule just to experiment and try and explore, to learn new things so we can bring that knowledge back to the broader team. In two words, just start." - Matt Burns 


Matt Burns - Thinking Inside The Box

Matt Burns - Thinking Inside The Box

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