How Your Business Can Harness the Potential of Immersive Technologies in Web3 Marketing – with Gokhan Guneri

Our guest today is Gokhan Guneri, the co-founder of Clooned. In this podcast episode, Gokhan talks about the growing use of 3D and 360-degree marketing strategies to engage consumers in a more immersive and interactive way.

 He describes a successful implementation of augmented reality at an international defense expo in Istanbul and envisions a future where customer control and Web3 technologies will become a major channel for marketing strategies. He also highlights the importance of staying up-to-date with the rapid changes in the industry and the growth of the Metaverse, NFTs, and Web3.

Embracing the Future of Web3 Marketing: A Conversation with Gokhan Guneri of Clooned

Discover the potential of 3D and 360-degree marketing strategies to revolutionize the way we engage with customers in the world of Web3 and beyond.

The digital marketing landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, and one area garnering significant attention is Web3 marketing. In this podcast episode, Joeri Billast, a Web3 marketing expert, had a fascinating conversation with Gokhan Guneri, the co-founder of Clooned, a company specializing in 3D and 360-degree marketing strategies.

Gokhan shared his insights on the future of Web3 marketing, the impact of new technologies such as NFTs and the Metaverse on traditional marketing channels, and the opportunities and challenges faced by marketers in this rapidly changing environment.

The Growing Importance of 3D and 360-Degree Marketing Strategies

According to Gokhan, companies must adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape, and embracing 3D and 360-degree marketing strategies is an essential step in this process. These immersive technologies allow consumers to interact with products in a more engaging and meaningful way, resulting in better customer experiences and increased brand loyalty.

One successful example Gokhan mentioned was a recent augmented reality (AR) project Clooned executed for an international defense expo in Istanbul. By creating a series of AR models, visitors could explore the 3D models through QR codes, enhancing the expo experience and attracting more attention to the client's booth.

The Future of Web3 Marketing: Customer Control and New Technologies

Gokhan envisions a future where customer control and Web3 technologies become a major channel for marketing strategies. He believes that marketing will shift towards a more customer-centric approach, where consumers can examine products in detail using 3D and 360-degree technologies.

As the adoption of the Metaverse, NFTs, and decentralized technologies grow, Gokhan predicts that these tools will play a significant role in shaping the future of marketing. With Web3 technologies becoming mainstream, marketers need to be prepared to harness their potential to stay ahead in the game.

Keeping Up with the Rapidly Changing Digital Landscape

Staying updated on the latest developments in the Web3 marketing space is essential for success. Gokhan emphasizes the importance of being active in communities and on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to stay informed about new insights and trends.

Connect with Gokhan Guneri and Clooned

If you're intrigued by the potential of 3D and 360-degree marketing strategies, consider connecting with Gokhan Guneri and Clooned. They're more than happy to discuss their technologies and provide case studies for your business. You can book a demo with them through their website,, or connect with Gokhan on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, the future of Web3 marketing promises exciting opportunities for businesses to create more immersive and interactive customer experiences. By staying informed about the latest trends and technologies, you can ensure your marketing strategies remain innovative and competitive in this ever-evolving digital world. Don't miss this podcast episode to hear more about Gokhan Guneri's insights and experiences in the realm of Web3 marketing.

How Your Business Can Harness the Potential of Immersive Technologies in Web3 Marketing – with Gokhan Guneri

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[00:59] Who is Gokhan Guneri? 

[01:32] Can you share a bit about your background, and how you became interested in the intersection of technology and marketing? 

[03:55] How does 3D and 360 degrees marketing world differ from traditional marketing methods? 

[07:00] What would be the biggest benefit from businesses for using 3d marketing? 

[08:17] How is the role of the marketer changing with the emergence of new technologies such as AI, Web3, and the Metaverse? 

[10:41] What advice would you give to entrepreneurs and marketers to start incorporating technologies like AR, VR, Web3, and 3D in their marketing strategies? 

[14:02] Can you share an example of a successful marketing campaign you have worked on for a client? 

[17:30] What is your vision for the future of technologies such as the Metaverse, VR, and AR, and how do you see them impacting marketing strategies, particularly in terms of measuring their effectiveness? 

[21:30] Where can people find more information about your work with new technologies such as Clooned and stay updated on your latest developments? 


"My opinion in few years, if there is no 360 product in an e-commerce website, you are not going to buy that product." - Gokhan Guneri 

"Now the client doesn't want to check or like to see whatever. You give it to me like a still image. You give me a product photography and there's a one still image and I just look, Yeah, okay. It's marketing. Yeah. But I want to see more about this product." - Gokhan Guneri 

"Even today. My opinion. Even today." - Gokhan Guneri, on the impact of Web3 technologies in marketing 

"We like to talk. We like to show our technology. And we are happy to know all of them. They can go to our website, and simply they can just book a demo with me or with one of my friends in the company and we are happy to make a case study even for their for their products, for their strategies." - Gokhan Guneri 

"I'm super excited about the upcoming trends and technologies in Victory, NFT and blockchain as well. My opinion, the marketing is going to be more like a customer control client control level in the future." - Gokhan Guneri 







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