How Wally Simplifies the Onboarding Process for Web3 – with Mayank Jain & Jeremie Cabling

We’re kicking off a new series in partnership with the Sky Club community. I’m a member myself and it's a community of marketers who are passionate about building brands in Web3.  Today, I’m joined by fellow Sky Club member Jeremie Cabling and Mayank Jain, who is the CEO and Founder of Wally

Wally is a company that builds seamless onboarding infrastructure for Web3. They work with Web3 apps to make their onboarding experience as simple as possible so they can grow their user base.

The Evolution of Web3: Simplifying the Onboarding Process with Wally

The world of Web3, or the decentralized web, is rapidly growing, with a plethora of companies and projects emerging to take advantage of this new technology. The CM Stories Podcast Season two Episode 28 marked the start of a new series in partnership with the Sky Club community, a group of marketers passionate about building brands in Web3. The podcast host, Joeri Billast, was joined by Jeremy, the go-to-market lead at Wally, and Mayank Jain, the CEO and founder of Wally, to discuss the challenges and opportunities in marketing in the Web3 space.

Wally is a company dedicated to building seamless onboarding infrastructure for Web3 by making it easier for users to onboard and use Web3 apps and for Web2 companies to transition to Web3. With its focus on simplifying the onboarding process, Wally is well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that the Web3 space offers. The company has built strong relationships with developers and partners in the Wally ecosystem, which has helped them grow and build their product roadmap.

Jeremy's background in marketing and growth stems from his interest in psychology and how he was able to get replies and conversations from YouTubers and celebrities. He studied behavioral psychology and used it as a basis for his work in influencer marketing and affiliate marketing. Mayank, on the other hand, was an engineer turned product manager at Reddit, where he worked on growth and user onboarding. His experience at Reddit showed him the impact of onboarding on a product's success, which led him to start Wally.

How Wally Simplifies the Onboarding Process for Web3 – with Mayank Jain & Jeremie Cabling

How Wally Simplifies the Onboarding Process for Web3 – with Mayank Jain & Jeremie Cabling

One of the biggest challenges in Web3 is the structural issues, such as anonymous founding teams, which make it difficult to get in touch with potential partners. The key to overcoming this challenge is to be a resource to the community and to create value in a way that will drive inbound interest. Wally takes a two-pronged approach to B2B marketing, with the first being elimination, where they reach out to companies to let them know about issues in their onboarding process and offer solutions. The second is problem-solving, where they engage with communities, build content and resources, and provide direct solutions to problems.

The Sky Club community has been a great resource for Wally in finding users and communicating with them. In 2023, the company has several exciting projects on the horizon, including expanding their product mix and market segmentation, and working on expanding their reach to legacy IP and brands entering the Web3 space.

If you're interested in learning more about Wally and connecting with the founders, you can reach them on Twitter, LinkedIn, or sign up on their website, And if you're in the New York City area, they welcome you to stop by their office in Union Square for a visit.

In conclusion, the Web3 space is growing rapidly and presents many exciting opportunities for companies and projects. Wally, with their focus on providing solutions for the onboarding process, is well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities. Be sure to keep an eye on this company and the Web3 space as a whole, as it is sure to continue to grow and evolve in the coming years. The founders of Wally have a wealth of experience in marketing and product development, and their passion for simplifying the onboarding process in the Web3 space is sure to bring about exciting developments in the near future.

Jeremie Cabling, Wall

Jeremie Cabling, Wally

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[00:58] Who are Mayank Jain & Jeremie Cabling? 

[04:56] How did you start with Wally?  

[07:01] How was your experience at Reddit and how did it influence the development of Wally? 

[09:37] How do you build relationships with developers and partners in the Wally ecosystem? 

[12:44] Where do you find developers and partners for Wally? 

[14:08] What initiatives is Wally taking to engage with communities? 

[16:19] What are the challenges and opportunities in B2B marketing in Web3? 

[17:20] How do you approach B2B marketing in the Web3 space? 

[20:05] Are some of the Wally users coming from the JUMP community? 

[21:32] What is Wally's plan for 2023?  

[24:55] Where can people connect with you or learn more about Wally? 


  • "One thing that's really holding back Web3 for mass adoption is sort of the clunky UX that stops a lot of people." - Jeremy  
  • "Finding developers in this space is almost more so a challenge in Web3 than it would be in Web2." - Jeremy  
  • "We thought, what's the way we can just kind of give back and help people get on their feet or just meet folks in person and stuff like that." - Mayank 
  • "The mentality of wanting to help people is way better than wanting to sell something. And then if you want to help, you know, you start from a different place and and people also listen." - Joeri  
  • "We do a healthy amount of outbound. So, we're constantly putting together a list of companies that we think would be a good fit, figuring out how to tactfully get in touch with them." - Jeremy  
  • "We want to continue to move in the direction of onboarding and help solve these sorts of problems for other companies." - Mayank 



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