How Hivello’s DePIN Can Put Power in People’s Hands – with Domenic Carosa

Ever wondered how your everyday devices could become a source of income and contribute to a greener planet?

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Domenic Carosa, co-founder and chairman of Hivello, where he shares his journey from listing his first company on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2000 to becoming a pioneer in the blockchain industry. 

Discover how Hivello aims to democratize decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) by allowing users to earn money through sharing their computer resources. Domenic also delves into their recent $2.5 million fundraising and ambitious plans for product development, aiming to make Web3 accessible to the masses.

Explore the future of Web3 mining as we discuss the environmental benefits of repurposing obsolete equipment through innovative methods that utilize everyday devices like laptops and mobile phones. Domenic emphasizes the importance of building a strong community in the Web3 space and shares strategies for engaging users on platforms like Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. From contrasting traditional Bitcoin mining with new sustainable approaches to outlining plans for onboarding the next million users, this episode is packed with insights on how technology and community can drive positive change for both our digital and physical worlds. Don’t miss the excitement about the future of Web3 mining, community building, and sustainable innovation.

Simplifying the User Experience for Mass Adoption

Creating a seamless and accessible user experience is crucial for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. We believe that the complex nature of blockchain technology should not be a barrier to entry for individuals seeking to benefit from it. Our goal is to demystify crypto and empower users with a simple, intuitive platform that eliminates the need to navigate technical complexities.

Clear and Concise Language

We opt for clarity and simplicity in our communication, ensuring that our understand our platform's purpose and value without being overwhelmed by industry jargon. This approach breaks down the language barrier, making crypto more accessible and inclusive.

We've all been there, trying to understand the intricacies of a new cryptocurrency, trying to decipher between different coins and their underlying technologies. It's like being thrown into a whole new world, with its own complex vocabulary and rules. But does it have to be so complicated? We don't think so.

That's why we're dedicated to making our platform user-friendly, starting with the language we. We want our users to grasp the basics without getting lost in the intricacies, focusing on the benefits and value our platform can bring to their lives.

Intuitive Platform Design

Beyond language, we also prioritize intuitive design that guides users through our platform effortlessly. Our interface is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that essential features are accessible and easy to navigate.

Our team is committed to creating a seamless experience, eliminating the technical hurdles that often deter users. We want our platform to be the accessible 'bridge between the world of cryptocurrency and everyday users. No complex wallet setups or private key management should stand in the way of adoption.

Instead, we've developed a streamlined onboarding process, enabling users to grasp the basics and begin transacting quickly. It's time to make cryptocurrency as easy to use as any other mainstream payment method.

By making our platform intuitive and user-friendly, we aim to empower individuals, helping them harness the potential of blockchain technology without the usual complexities.

"It's time to evolve and shift from focusing on the technology to enjoying the benefits and convenience of crypto for day-to-day transactions."

Our vision is a world where cryptocurrency is accessible to all, and user experience plays a crucial role in achieving this. We're excited about a future where individuals can embrace the advantages of blockchain seamlessly and securely.

Unlocking Earning Potential through Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN)

Welcome to the future of passive income! Our platform harnesses the power of decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem. This innovative approach opens up a world of earning potential for individuals, utilizing their unused computing resources.

It's no secret that the cryptocurrency and AI industries are booming. But what if you could tap into this growth and earn from it without diving into the complex world of crypto or AI With DePIN, this vision becomes a reality.

Leveraging Idle Computing Resources

Our cutting-edge technology identifies and leverages idle computing resources within your existing hardware. This includes everything from desktop and laptop computers to smartphones that you might have lying around. By harnessing the power of these devices, we unlock new opportunities for generating passive income.

Our platform works tirelessly behind the scenes, utilizing your devices' resources when they're not needed by you. This shared computing approach is similar to how a cloud computing platform works, more personalized and distributed. We call it decentralized for a reason!

Income Opportunities for All

The beauty of DePIN is its inclusivity. Whether you have a low-spec or high-end machine, there's money to be made. Older devices can earn you anywhere from $20 to $50 per month, while high-performance computers, especially those with powerful graphics cards, can generate a impressive $50 to $200 monthly income. It's a fantastic way to monetize existing assets.

This wide range of earning potential caters to a diverse audience, from casual users to hardcore gamers and businesses. Anyone with a compatible device can become a participant and benefit from this innovative approach to passive income.

For those with high-performance machines, the appeal is obvious. But why would someone with an older device bother? Well, DePIN offers an eco-friendly way to put those seemingly obsolete machines to good use, reducing electronic waste in the process. It's a win-win situation!

Cost- GPU Cycles for AI

As you might know, training AI models requires substantial computing power, especially GPU cycles. Our platform steps in as a cost-effective solution for this demand. By leveraging the GPU power of our users' devices, we create a vast distributed network for AI model training.

This decentralized approach brings down the costs of AI development by a staggering 80% to 90%. We're talking about significant savings for enterprises while providing a steady stream of income for our users. It's a revolutionary win-win model that's set to disrupt the industry.

Repurposing Obsolete Equipment

We believe in the power of decentralization and its ability to create a sustainable future. By encouraging individuals to repurpose their old devices, we're not only boosting their wallets but also reducing electronic waste. This eco-conscious approach to earning is a key pillar of our platform's vision.

With DePIN, your old smartphone or laptop can have a second life, contributing to the growth of decentralized networks and the advancement of AI. Talk about a green revolution!

p>So, are you ready to join this exciting world of passive income and decentralized infrastructure? Download our user-friendly app today and start earning. Remember, every device you register brings you closer to financial rewards and a greener planet.

Customer Acquisition and Community Building Strategies

In today's digital landscape, customer acquisition and community cultivation go hand in hand. The rise of social media and online communities has opened up new avenues for connecting with your target audience and fostering loyalty. Here are some of the strategies we employ to create a buzz around our brand and foster a vibrant community.

Online Education and Awareness Campaigns

At the heart of our community engagement strategy lies a commitment to education. We believe in empowering our with valuable insights and skills. To this end, we create comprehensive online courses and workshops that not only promote our brand but also provide tangible benefits to our users. These educational initiatives serve as powerful awareness campaigns, helping our target market understand the potential of cryptocurrency.

By offering a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, we encourage curiosity and exploration. This approach positions our brand as a trusted guide, facilitating the learner's journey into the world of crypto. From comprehensive guides to beginner-friendly tutorials, our educational content breaks down the complexities of blockchain technology, making it accessible to.

Online education creates a lasting impact, equipping users with the knowledge to navigate the cryptocurrency landscape independently. This empowers them to make informed decisions, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Direct Marketing and Strategic Partnerships

Direct marketing forms the backbone of our outreach efforts. We leverage targeted advertising to connect with our ideal customers, tailoring our messages to their interests and pain points. This personalized approach ensures that our brand remains top of mind, creating a sense of familiarity and trust.

Additionally, foster strategic partnerships with influential businesses and individuals within the blockchain ecosystem. These collaborations amplify our reach and expose our brand to new audiences. By associating with established names, we benefit from shared credibility, enhancing our reputation and trustworthiness.

These partnerships also pave the way for cross-promotional opportunities, allowing us to tap into existing communities and expand our own. It's a mutually beneficial strategy that strengthens our collective ecosystem.

Engaging Communities on Social Platforms

The rise of social media platforms like Telegram, Discord, Twitter has revolutionized community engagement. We leverage these digital gathering places to interact directly with our audience, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support. Our dedicated channels on these platforms become hubs for real-time communication, enabling us to address inquiries, share updates, and create exciting buzz around our brand.

By fostering an atmosphere of openness and accessibility, we nurture a community that's engaged and passionate. Users feel empowered to share their experiences, seek guidance, and provide valuable feedback. This direct interaction also allows us to gather valuable insights into customer preferences, enabling us to tailor our offerings.

These platforms also become launchpads for exciting competitions and giveaways, further stimulating user interaction and creating a fun experience.

Encouraging Ownership and Governance

At the core of our community building strategy lies a desire to foster ownership and empower users. We achieve this by implementing token voting systems, giving our community a direct say in key decisions. This decentralized approach fosters a sense of involvement and responsibility among members, encouraging them to actively participate in the growth and direction of our platform.

By users to exercise their influence, we create a democratic environment that fosters unity and a shared vision. This sense of ownership translates into a deeper commitment to the success of our brand and fosters a community that's invested in our long-term prosperity.

As we continue to evolve, this community-centric approach ensures that our platform remains adaptable, reflective of the diverse needs and preferences of our users.

"Our community is our greatest asset, and we believe in nurturing it every step of the way."

Join us on this exhilarating journey as continue to innovate, educate, and build a vibrant cryptocurrency community, together.

Translating Complexity into Simplicity

At Hivello, we follow a meticulous approach to crafting a seamless user experience, and this often involves dealing with intricate details behind the scenes. Our focus on simplicity extends beyond the user interface and applies to the entire user journey. We believe that complexity should be managed aggressively, ensuring that it remains hidden from the user's perspective.

This approach translates into a relentless pursuit of refining our product. We integrate new DePINs regularly, each introducing its own intricacies., our dedication to simplicity ensures that these additions do not overwhelm our users. Instead, we offer them a streamlined interface, making each new integration accessible and user-friendly.

Behind-the-Scenes Complexity for Seamless User Experience

Our platform's simplicity stands in stark contrast to the intricate processes and technologies powering it. To create a seamless user journey, we have to fight for simplicity, as our co-founder Brian Halligan often emphasizes. It's a ongoing battle against the natural tendency toward complexity.

For instance our engineering team constantly navigates intricate architectures and algorithms to ensure that users enjoy a seamless interaction with our platform. The intricate interplay of various components, such as distributed systems, security protocols, and performance optimizations, happens seamlessly behind the scenes.

One of our core principles, 'Fight for Simplicity,' guides our product development. This philosophy emphasizes the intentional reduction of complexity, ensuring our platform remains accessible and user-centric. It's an ongoing effort that demands diligence and discipline from our team.

Continuous Product Refinement and Integration of New Des

At Hivello, we're committed to staying at the forefront of decentralized technology. This requires us to continuously refine our platform and integrate cutting-edge DePINs. Each integration brings its own challenges and complexities, from technical implementations to user education.

For example, incorporating a new DePIN often involves intricate backend adjustments and careful testing to ensure seamless functionality. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support and resources to educate our users about the intricacies and opportunities associated with each new integration.

Our dedication to simplicity shines through these situations. We ensure that the user interface remains uncluttered and easy to navigate, even as we expand our platform's capabilities. The user experience remains our top priority, guiding our decisions and keeping our product accessible.

Embracing Community-Driven Ownership and Influence

User engagement and community building are integral to our platform's success. We encourage community members to take ownership of their experience by involving them in decision-making processes. Through token voting systems, we empower users to have a direct say in key aspects of our platform's.

This democratic approach fosters a sense of community ownership and responsibility. Users become active participants in shaping Hivello's direction, fostering a unified vision for our platform's growth. We believe that this shared influence contributes to a loyal and passionate community, committed to our long-term success.

The community's involvement extends beyond voting. We invite users to share their insights, ideas, and feedback, creating a continuous dialogue that shapes our product roadmap. This collaborative approach ensures that our platform always reflects the diverse needs and aspirations of our community.

Transition to a New Era of Decentralized Companies

As we look toward the future, we envision a new paradigm where decentralization plays a pivotal role. Companies that embrace a decentralized approach, empowering their communities, will thrive. This shift marks a departure from traditional hierarchical structures toward more inclusive and dynamic organizations.

At Hivello, we're dedicated to embodying these principles. We see ourselves as facilitators, enabling a vibrant ecosystem where users exercise their influence and contribute to our collective growth. This transition ushers in an exciting era the lines between companies and communities become blurred, giving rise to a new breed of decentralized organizations.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we pioneer simplified access to decentralized technologies, fostering a community that's both the driver and heart of our platform's success.

Embracing the Crypto Revolution: Unlocking New Frontiers

The crypto landscape is evolving rapidly, with each passing day bringing excitement and new possibilities. As the world witnesses a growing acceptance of cryptocurrency among major financial institutions, the path to mainstream adoption seems increasingly clear. This section explores the burgeoning excitement surrounding Bitcoin, ETFs, and the promising potential of tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs).

The Rise of Bitcoin: ETF's Role in Mainstream Adoption

Bitcoin, trailblazer of cryptocurrency, continues to capture the imagination of investors worldwide. The recent surge in Bitcoin ETFs indicates a shifting landscape, where traditional finance intersects with the world of crypto. These ETFs lower the entry barrier, allowing a broader range of investors to participate in the Bitcoin market without the technical complexities of buying and storing the asset directly.

ETFs provide a more accessible avenue for individuals and institutions alike to embrace Bitcoin's potential. This development marks a pivotal moment, signaling growing confidence in the stability and longevity of this groundbreaking currency. As more people embrace Bitcoin ETFs, a new of cryptocurrency mainstream adoption seems imminent.

Tokenizing Real-World Assets: Unlocking Value

Alongside Bitcoin's rise, the concept of tokenizing real-world assets is gaining traction. This innovative approach unlocks new opportunities by bringing physical assets onto the blockchain. From real estate and art to commodities and intellectual property, tokenization opens doors to a new realm of digital ownership and tradeability.

Tokenizing real-world assets offers increased liquidity, transparency, and accessibility. Fractional ownership enables broader investment opportunities, while technology ensures secure and immutable record-keeping. This revolutionary approach holds the potential to democratize access to a wide range of previously illiquid assets, creating a more inclusive financial ecosystem.

As the world witnesses the evolution of Bitcoin ETFs and the emergence of RWA tokenization, the crypto revolution gains momentum. These interconnected developments propel the industry toward mass adoption, fostering new opportunities for individuals and institutions alike. Embrace the future of finance and get ready to embark on a transformative journey.

Empowerment Through Decentralization

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is a powerful enabler of decentralization, which brings us to an exciting new frontier. By shifting power away from corporations and governments, this technology hands control back to individuals. This paradigm shift has immense implications, not least of which is the ability to shape one's destiny.

The motivation to build solutions that further true decentralization is stronger than ever. We're seeing a rise in innovative projects that empower individuals in new ways. Whether it's enhanced financial inclusion or improved data privacy, the aim is to give people more agency over their lives.

The Drive Towards Self-Sovereignty

Self-sovereignty is a key theme in the blockchain ecosystem, focusing on the individual's ability to manage their own data, assets, and identity. The traditional reliance on centralized authorities for these essentials is being challenged. Instead, blockchain-based solutions are putting the power back into people's hands.

For instance, self-sovereign identity solutions allow individuals to own manage their digital identities, removing the need for centralized authorities to verify and validate their personal information. This not only enhances privacy but also ensures that users maintain control over their data, deciding themselves what information to share and with whom.

Similarly, decentralized finance (DeFi) empowers individuals to take charge of their financial well-being without relying on traditional banks or financial intermediaries. DeFi enables peer-to-peer transactions, lending, and borrowing, fostering financial inclusion and accessibility. This movement is driving the creation of new economic opportunities, particularly for those in regions with limited access traditional banking services.

The Future is Decentralized

The potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize numerous industries is immense. From supply chain management to voting systems, the ability to create transparent, tamper-proof records and streamline processes is a game-changer. By leveraging blockchain, we can enhance efficiency, reduce fraud, and increase trust in systems that were previously prone to manipulation.

As the world increasingly embraces decentralization, we anticipate a future where individuals hold more agency. Blockchain-based solutions offer a fresh approach to age- problems, and the motivation to build a more equitable and transparent world is a driving force behind many crypto projects.

The empowerment that comes with decentralization brings a sense of excitement and purpose. As individuals, we're motivated to explore new avenues for personal growth and impact within this evolving landscape. It's a journey of discovery, where the potential to create real change is within reach.

Connecting with Hivello and Embracing the Web3 Future

If you're eager to dive into the world of decentralized physical infrastructure networks, there are several ways to connect with Hivello and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

For comprehensive information and the latest updates, visit The website provides valuable insights into the company's mission and the innovative world of Web3. You also find useful resources, such as educational materials and blog posts, to help you navigate the exciting realm of decentralized technology.

Hivello is also active on various social media platforms, giving you the opportunity to stay connected and engage with the latest news and announcements.

Follow Hivello on Twitter to access real-time updates and insights. Engage with like-minded individuals, share your thoughts, and join the exciting conversations shaping future of Web3.

Additionally, Hivello fosters a vibrant community of enthusiasts and users who actively share their experiences and feedback. Interacting with this community can provide valuable insights, answer your questions, and even offer opportunities for collaboration. You'll find this supportive community on Discord, always ready to welcome new members.

By connecting with Hivello and immersing yourself in the Web3 ecosystem, you'll be part of a transformative journey. can even contribute to spreading awareness and empowering others to embrace the exciting opportunities of the Web3 future.

TheWeb3 landscape is constantly evolving, and Hivello is at the forefront, paving the way toward a more decentralized and inclusive world. Don't miss out on this paradigm shift. Join the community, engage, and witness the power of Web3 in action.

Hivello's Mission: Empowering the Masses

Hivello understands the potential for decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN) to empower individuals globally. Our mission is bold yet focused: to onboard the next billion users to this transformative technology. We aim to demystify complex concepts and create accessible earning opportunities for people from all walks of life.

We've all been intrigued by the passive income potential of cryptocurrency mining, but the technical barriers and high costs have often deterred many from participating.ivello simplifies this process, making it possible for anyone with a computer or mobile device to easily earn rewards. Our user-friendly app abstracts the complexities, allowing users to seamlessly contribute to the DePIN ecosystem without prior technical knowledge.

At Hivello, we're dedicated to building a community where collaboration and shared insights drive growth. We encourage feedback, experiences, and a dialogue that fosters a sense of collective ownership. This community-driven approach ensures that the platform evolves with the needs and aspirations of its users. It's a space where everyone can learn, share, and the future of decentralized technology.

By embracing DePIN and the Web3 paradigm, we're not just embracing cutting-edge technology; we're empowering individuals to control their financial destinies and participate in a more inclusive, decentralized future. Join us on this exhilarating journey, where every individual can become an active participant in shaping tomorrow's world.

The Future Unveiled: DePIN's Role and Relevance

The world is increasingly embracing the potential of decentralized infrastructure, and DePIN is at the forefront of this. By leveraging unused computing resources, DePIN creates a distributed network that's robust, efficient, and incredibly scalable.

From training AI models to mapping the world, the applications of DePIN are diverse and impactful. Hivello's approach taps into this potential, making it seamless for users to contribute their spare resources and earn rewards. We believe that the innovative possibilities of DePIN will continue to unfold, driving real change across industries.

The excitement around DePIN stems from its ability to unlock new opportunities. Whether it's enabling the creation of decentralized of existing applications or paving the way for entirely new use cases, the potential is boundless. As this technology gains traction, we anticipate a future where DePIN networks underpin many aspects of our daily lives.

Hivello is committed to being a trusted guide on this journey, simplifying the process of harnessing the power of DePIN. We invite you to join us as we continue exploring this exciting realm and empowering individuals to leverage the full potential of Web3.

Joeri Billast and Domenic Carosa

Joeri Billast and Domenic Carosa


[00:51] Could you share your journey in the tech and blockchain industry and what led you to co-found Hivello? 

[02:32] Could you explain what Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) are and why they are significant for those who may not be familiar with them? 

[04:47] How do you plan to utilize this funding to achieve your goals? 

[05:59] How do you plan to onboard the next million users, and what challenges do you foresee? 

[08:52] For those new to Web3 or Web3 mining, what potential earnings can they expect and what's involved in getting started? 

[12:52] Aside from user-friendliness, what other differences exist between Web3 mining and traditional mining that traditional miners might find notable? 

[14:16] How do you promote your solutions and build awareness? Are events like Consensus part of your strategy, or do you have other campaigns and conferences in mind to reach more people? 

[16:40] What community initiatives are you focusing on in Web3? 

[19:00] What aspect of Hivello are you currently most excited about—whether it's the markets, conferences, or something else? 



The whole mission around Hivello is about making access to decentralized physical infrastructure networks accessible to the mass market.” 

“Building out this decentralized infrastructure also benefits the planet by utilizing obsolete equipment.” 

Education is a priority for customer acquisition, and we'll focus on online efforts, podcasts, and YouTube.” 









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