How does Building a Business in Web3 Differ from Web2 – with Nodo Ivanidze

Nodo Ivanidze is the CEO and co-founder at and has 10 years of experience in the advertising business. He's a serial entrepreneur, Web3 investor, and business advisor. Nodo is building the first decentralized advertising marketplace for Metaverses.

Nodo stepped into Web3 when one of his best friends bought land in Decentraland. At first, he laughed at it but within the next two weeks of him being introduced to Decentraland, he himself invested in it and bought his first digital real estate. He was very impressed by the community in Decentraland that got him interested in different Metaverses like Sandbox, Other Side, Bio Averse, etc. which also marked the start of his journey with NFTs and Crypto.  He was attending lots of events in the Metaverse that got him thinking about why not combine the traditional businesses he is working in with the Metaverse. This marked the start of his business, Metaview which connects two sides. On one side are the digital landowners who deploy their advertising content into their properties and on the other side are big advertising agencies who help to onboard them into Web3 and Metaverse.

Talking about the difference between conducting business in Web2 and Web3, Nodo stated that, unlike Web2, when you create a product in Web3, you can get instant feedback instead of waiting for a few days or weeks. Web3 startups can be started right away in the international market and have members from different parts of the globe, unlike Web2 where you start at one geographical location and then do the expansion later. He also said that Web3 startups are more hustling. As different members can be from different geographical locations, you need to be available for different time zones to attend meetings, present your company on a Twitter space, engage in discussions with your community, etc. And then it all comes down to establishing a culture of your choice for your business. Nodo added he organizes official conferences in different Metaverses every month to show the people that Metaverses are not only for gamers but it is for networking, inviting speakers, and exchanging ideas.

Nodo looks at Metaverses from two different perspectives. One is where he would invest and another one is where he would expand his business, Metaview because every Metaverse has something different to offer. He likes to go for Metaverses which are free and open and enables users to do customization like creating games or events. This is because he believes the Metaverse should be satisfactory for every type of person to attract more and more people. Talking about different Metaverse, he said he likes Spatial because it is easy to use for beginners, you can join from any device, and it doesn't require too much knowledge. Decentraland is his favorite metaverse because it has one of the strongest communities inside it. He mentioned around 20 to 25 events are happening in Decentraland on different topics every day so it can satisfy everybody. Right now, these metaverses are in the early stages but in the future, they will evolve and will act as a complimentary tool for enhanced engagement among users.

Nodo added interoperability is their main goal at Metaview so that users can travel from one Metaverse to another. Currently, they are in Sandbox and Decentraland and are adding new Metaverses as they launch, for users to jump from one Metaverse to another and make connections.

How does Building a Business in Web3 Differ from Web2 – with Nodo Ivanidze

How does Building a Business in Web3 Differ from Web2 – with Nodo Ivanidze

Nodo stated there are plenty of global brands that are following the hype of Metaverses. Some of them are targeting the Metaverse native generation like 10 to 13-year-olds. Others are creating virtual experiences.  For example, Qatar Airways has created its own virtual experience to show its customers what to experience on the flight, to check the plane and cabins and inside. They call it Metaverse but Nodo believes it is just a virtual experience, not a Metaverse. Nodo also appreciated global businesses like Nike, Adidas, and Starbucks for stepping into Web3 and experimenting with NFTs. He said that for fashion retail brands it is easy to step into Web3 because digital wearables have become a huge thing recently. He thinks it’s important for brands to target people who are inside the Metaverses as well as those who are not in them yet to create a hybrid environment so that brands can build a strong connection with their customers.

According to Nodo, avatars are not directly linked with the identity of a person in the Metaverse. Just like in real life when you to go different events, you dress differently, the same thing happens on Metaverses like Decentraland where you have a lot of custom wearable options to choose from. He mentioned he like Decentraland more than Spatial because it has more customization options.

Despite the bear market, Nodo believes the Web3 space is going to evolve massively in the coming years. He said that the bear market has made people start full-fledged companies in Web3 instead of projects. He sees a lot of companies entering the space with the vision of bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. From the outside, Web3 may look easy to adapt to but he believes it's still very difficult and not user-friendly. But Nodo has faith in Web3 technology that it is here to stay because it enables all the users to have lots of immersive experiences that we didn't have before. Additionally, the Metaverse enables people to have their identities presented how they would love to, create their network, make friends, etc. He also sees the younger generation housing and playing in Metaverse as its natives.

Nodo Ivanidze

Nodo Ivanidze

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"When you go around, your avatar name stays forever with you"  

"The Metaverse enables people to have their identities presented how they would love to do, which we can do anyhow in the real life once everybody knows us"  





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