Demystifying Blockchain Technology with Kelsey McGuire: The Shardeum Journey, AI Tools, and Authentic Community Engagement Strategies

Ready for a deep dive into the rapidly evolving realm of blockchain technology? We're thrilled to bring you insights from Kelsey McGuire, the Chief Growth Officer at Shardeum, the EVM-based layer one that's making waves in the industry. 

Kelsey recounts her remarkable journey from Consensys, to CELO, and now to Shardeum; a journey that's as fascinating as it is inspiring. We chat about Shardeum's recent strategic round where they raised an impressive $5.4 million, and their commitment to fostering community growth worldwide. Find out how Shardeum is setting itself apart from other layer ones in the space.

Switching gears, we explore the role of AI tools in fostering authentic community engagement. How do we balance the speed and efficiency of AI with the warmth and connectivity of the human element? This conundrum is at the heart of our discussion. Kelsey draws from her extensive experience as a CMO to share valuable best practices and strategies. Learn how to avoid vanity metrics and why one-on-one nurturing is crucial for converting casual listeners into active community members. We also delve into strategies to create an environment conducive to meaningful engagement. This is an episode packed with knowledge for anyone interested in blockchain technology or community building.

Demystifying Blockchain Technology with Kelsey McGuire: Exploring Shardeum, Web3, and Authentic Community Engagement

Blockchain is evolving at an unprecedented rate. But with its complexities and jargon, many of us are left feeling overwhelmed. In this episode of the Web3 CMO Stories podcast, Kelsey McGuire, a pivotal figure in the Web3 space, shed light on the future of blockchain, Shardeum's journey, and the importance of community engagement.

The Blockchain Trilemma

The podcast kicked off with a bang, highlighting the 'blockchain trilemma'— a complex balance between security, scalability, and decentralization. Kelsey, Chief Growth Officer at Shardeum, emphasized the company's unwavering commitment to all three components. But why are these so vital?

  • Security: Ensuring transactions and data are protected.
  • Scalability: Handling increased demand without compromising performance.
  • Decentralization: Distributing control to avoid single points of failure.

Shardeum: The New Layer One Player

In a world where countless blockchain projects are vying for attention, Shardeum stands out. As a Layer One blockchain, it serves as a foundational layer for other applications. Shardeum aims to make the blockchain faster and more accessible without sacrificing decentralization. Their approach? Dynamic state sharding. This innovative process reduces the computational power required, allowing anyone to run a node and fostering genuine decentralization.

But what's the real-world impact? In a nutshell, Shardeum's technology aims to make transactions swift, affordable, and decentralized, benefiting both tech enthusiasts and the average user.

Global Communities: The Heart of Web3

If there's one word synonymous with Web3, it's 'community'. Kelsey stressed the importance of being present and building genuine connections. Shardeum's community isn't about vanity metrics. It's about meaningful engagement.

Taking a hands-on approach, Shardeum's team has been actively involved in educational outreach, even traveling to India to connect with over 50 educational institutions. The goal? To democratize Web3 knowledge and foster a truly global community.

The AI Dilemma in Community Building

In a digital age where AI chatbots are everywhere, the balance between technology and human touch becomes crucial. While AI can speed up processes, it can't replace the authentic connection humans bring. Both Kelsey and the podcast's host, Joeri Billast, agreed that while AI has its place, it shouldn't dominate the discourse. Authenticity, after all, can't be automated.

Kelsey's Web3 Journey: Consensys, CoinFund, and Beyond

Kelsey's rich experience in Web3, from Consensys to CoinFund, has given her unique insights. The key takeaway? Meeting users where they are, educating them, and always prioritizing their needs. Every interaction, be it with a technology or a brand, should be intuitive and value-driven.

The Future of Web3: Onboarding the Next Billion

The journey of Web3 is just beginning. As we look towards onboarding the next billion users, Kelsey believes the focus should be on user experience, education, and, most importantly, accessibility. Shardeum, with its focus on scalability and decentralization, is poised to be at the forefront of this evolution.

Web3 is undoubtedly transforming the way we think about technology and community. If Kelsey's insights are anything to go by, the future looks not only decentralized but also incredibly exciting.

If you're keen to delve deeper into the world of Web3 and Shardeum, follow the podcast and connect with experts like Kelsey McGuire. As Joeri Bilast rightly said, "Web3 can take your visions to new heights."

Kelsey McGuire on the Web3 CMO Stories podcast

Kelsey McGuire on the Web3 CMO Stories podcast


[01:26] Could you share some details about your background and how you came to be a part of Shardeum? 

[02:45] Could you provide some information about Shardeum and clarify your primary mission for our listeners? 

[04:11] Did you indeed raise $5.4 million in a strategic round for Shardeum, and could you elaborate on your strategy for doubling down on global community growth? 

[05:31] With several layer one solutions available, how does Shardeum distinguish itself from the competition? 

[06:52] Could you expand on your perspective on decentralization and how Shardeum is fostering it? 

[07:55] Could you share the growth marketing strategies you've employed to build and sustain a Web3 community of 450K members? 

[10:01] Have you considered the potential benefits of utilizing AI in your community growth strategies, or have you already employed AI in any specific ways for this purpose? 

[13:36] Is the distribution of community engagement within Shardeum roughly in line with the rule of 90% passive members, 9% occasional engagers, and 1% highly active participants that you mentioned? 

[15:28] You've had roles as a CMO at Crypto Investment Firm CoinFund and in Marketing Leadership at ConsenSys. Could you share some of the challenges you faced and best practices you learned during these experiences? 

[18:02] What, in your view, does the Web3 ecosystem need to do to bring in the next billion users, and are there areas where we might be focusing on the wrong things? 
[20:05] What's currently the most exciting aspect of your role at Shardeum, the project itself, or the Web3 space in general that has you enthusiastic? 


"We're working on solving the blockchain trilemma, which is security, scalability, and decentralization. That's a massive focus for us." - Kelsey McGuire 

"If someone asks me what is Web3, those are also words (decentralization and security) that I will use to define it." - Joeri Billast 

"Shardeum is a highly scalable, EVM-based layer one. We use dynamic state sharding to enable low gas fees while maintaining true decentralization security." - Kelsey McGuire 

"Community is really important in Web3. It's one of the words that has been used most during my podcast." - Joeri Billast 

“There's a really important human element to decentralization as well that we're focused on with our community efforts, where we're really building these global communities and fostering that." - Kelsey McGuire 


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