A Taste of the Metaverse – An Event by the Presence Group




On November 23, 2023, The Presence Group embarked on a groundbreaking journey with "A Taste of the Metaverse," the first in their Web3 & Events Series. 

This event marked a significant milestone in their exploration and adoption of Metaverse technology, particularly in the context of business events and communications.

A Debut of Innovation and Insight

As the keynote speaker, I had the privilege of introducing attendees to the multifaceted world of the Metaverse. The day was filled with comprehensive discussions, from the evolution of the Metaverse to its practical applications in business and beyond.

Polls and Participation: Engaging the Audience

Interactive polls conducted during the event revealed a varied audience, ranging from Metaverse novices to those well-versed in its intricacies. This diversity provided a rich backdrop for discussions and demonstrated the wide-reaching interest and potential applications of the Metaverse in different sectors.

The Panel: Diverse Perspectives

The post-talk panel, moderated by Peter Van Den Steene and featuring myself, Leila Drake, and Kelly Vandevelde, delved deeper into the practicalities, legalities, and future of the Metaverse in business and event management. This discussion highlighted the challenges and opportunities inherent in adopting this technology.

Experiencing the Tangra Metaverse: Effortless Access and Engagement

Hosted on the Tangra platform (explore Tangra here), the event exemplified the ease of accessing and navigating the Metaverse. Tangra's web-based platform required no downloads, installations, or special hardware, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for all attendees.

Interactivity Redefined in the Metaverse

The event showcased a variety of interactive features within the Metaverse. Attendees could speak, share screens or images, chat, raise or clap hands, and even dance. Networking areas facilitated small group conversations within the same virtual space, allowing for more intimate and focused discussions.

Bringing Fun into the Virtual Realm

A standout feature was the DJ booth, where music played on demand, adding a fun and unique element often missing from traditional video conferencing tools. This vibrant area not only elevated the event's ambiance but also demonstrated how virtual events can transcend the limitations of physical spaces.

Imagining Limitless Possibilities

The event highlighted the boundless potential of Metaverse-based events. The digital nature of the Metaverse allows for events to be hosted in any conceivable environment – from a tropical island to a mountaintop, a forest, or even underwater – pushing the boundaries of what is possible in event hosting.

Conclusion: The Start of a Metaverse Odyssey

"A Taste of the Metaverse" was just the beginning of an ongoing series by The Presence Group. Kelly Vandevelde, as the event’s organizer, announced the continuation of the "Web3 & Events Series," promising to further explore and challenge the capabilities of the Metaverse in revolutionizing the events industry. This first event set the stage for a transformative exploration into the depths of Metaverse technology and its diverse applications in business communication and beyond.

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