Web3 Gaming and NFTs: Altura’s Revolution with Majd Hailat

Are you ready to revolutionize your gaming experience? Join us as we sit down with Majd Hailat, the founder and CEO of Altura, the next-generation NFT gaming platform that's bridging the gap between Web3 development and game development. Meshed opens up about the challenges of building infrastructure for an entirely new industry, navigating the volatile crypto market, and how Altura's API and SDKs are empowering game developers to easily create and distribute NFTs.

As we dive into the rapidly evolving world of Web3 gaming, we uncover the trends shaping the industry and discuss the value of partnerships like Altura's unity partnership. We also tackle the environmental concerns surrounding NFTs and how Altura is addressing these issues. But it doesn't stop there! We explore the benefits of Altura's white-label NFT marketplaces and the monetization opportunities they offer for game developers. Don't miss this fascinating conversation with Majd Hailat as we unveil the future of NFT gaming and the role of Altura in this thrilling space.

Harnessing Web3 and NFTs: The Future of Gaming with Altura's Majd Hailat

In a this conversation with Majd Hailat, the co-founder of Altura, the conversation took an immersive dive into the fascinating world of Web3 gaming and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Known for his insights and innovations, Majd explores the landscape of the blockchain-powered gaming industry, discussing the challenges and strategies involved.

A New Reality: Gaming in the Web3 World

With gaming gradually transitioning into the Web3 universe, the integration of blockchain technology and NFTs is altering the way we perceive and play games. A game is no longer an isolated, static experience; instead, it has evolved into a dynamic, interactive ecosystem that thrives on participation, creation, and exchange.

Altura, an innovative platform specializing in NFTs for video games, is spearheading this transition. According to Majd, the goal of Altura is to transform how players experience games. By enabling game developers to mint smart NFTs, players can own, trade, and monetize unique game items, amplifying their engagement and investment.

Bridging the Gap: From Game Developers to Players

Traditionally, game developers have often found it challenging to communicate effectively with their communities, which is a problem that Altura aims to solve. By facilitating a space for feedback and discussion, Altura connects developers and gamers in a meaningful, reciprocal relationship, making sure both sides are heard.

Majd highlights that the key is not just about creating a measurable outcome, but fostering a sense of satisfaction and happiness in the community. This powerful emphasis on partnership is a win-win situation where everyone can feel valued and understood.

Keeping Up With The Market: A Challenging Yet Exciting Journey

The blockchain and gaming markets are highly dynamic, evolving at breakneck speeds with new developments and trends surfacing frequently. Keeping up can be a challenge, but it's crucial for businesses like Altura to adapt and evolve in sync with these changes.

Majd observes that the trend is moving towards the creation of higher-quality games. For a while, many blockchain games were mediocre, often focusing on adding value to NFT collections or tokens rather than creating a compelling gaming experience. But the winds are changing. Altura envisions a future where talented game developers will prioritize crafting excellent games that also incorporate Web3 elements.

Another trend that Majd identifies is the development of industry infrastructure, which is becoming increasingly competitive, with numerous players stepping up to support the burgeoning gaming applications.

Tackling Concerns: The Environmental Footprint of Blockchain

The environmental impact of blockchain technologies has been a hot topic, with debates around energy consumption gaining traction. Altura is keenly aware of this concern and has pledged to support efficient blockchains with lower energy consumption and carbon footprint. Furthermore, Altura is also committed to offsetting its carbon footprint, demonstrating the platform's dedication to sustainability.

Empowering Developers: Customized White Label NFT Marketplaces

Altura empowers game developers with the ability to launch customized white-label NFT marketplaces. The aim is to provide a seamless experience for players, allowing them to buy, sell, and trade game and digital assets, without the hassle of navigating different platforms.

These custom marketplaces can be tailored to a game's branding and even enable developers to use their own tokens for transactions, encouraging a more cohesive and engaging user experience.

Unlocking Monetization Potential with Web3

One of the biggest benefits that Web3 brings to game developers is the opportunity for monetization. Not only can developers sell an asset upfront to players, but they can also continue to earn royalties from secondary market transactions. Altura's white-label product offers game developers an avenue to earn residual income, which opens up access to a new revenue stream that was previously non-existent in traditional gaming models.

The Role of Smart NFTs: Revolutionizing Gaming Experiences

At the heart of Altura's value proposition is its 'smart NFTs' - a novel concept that can significantly enhance a player's gaming experience. Unlike regular NFTs, smart NFTs can adapt and evolve according to in-game events or conditions, offering unprecedented levels of interactivity and realism in game assets.

For instance, a smart NFT weapon in a game could level up as the player gains experience gaming skills, or an NFT character could age and learn new skills over time. These characteristics of smart NFTs represent an exciting paradigm shift in the gaming industry, where virtual assets can exhibit dynamic behaviors instead of being static and unchanging.

Blockchain Gaming: The Road Ahead

As the conversation wrapped up, Majd reflected on the future of blockchain gaming. The integration of blockchain technology with the gaming ecosystem is still in its nascent stages, and there is much untapped potential.

One of the major trends that Majd expects to see in the future is the rise of 'play-to-earn' models, where players are rewarded for their time and effort in playing the game. This model stands to revolutionize the industry by valuing the contributions of players, providing them with tangible benefits.

In addition, Majd believes in the potential of cross-game interoperability, where NFTs in one game could be utilized in another. This idea of a connected gaming metaverse is an exciting frontier for the industry, as it encourages collaborations and synergies among users of different games, developers, and communities.

The Journey Forward with Altura

Altura is not just another player in the blockchain gaming space. Their vision goes beyond that. They are looking to disrupt the gaming industry by introducing innovative solutions playing games that have never been seen before. By addressing challenges head-on and constantly innovating, they are poised to lead the charge in this new era of gaming.

Their commitment to building a strong and vibrant gaming community, fostering deep connections with developers, and driving continuous innovation makes Altura a compelling force in the evolving world of Web3 gaming.

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and gaming, Majd Hailat and Altura continue to shape the narrative, setting the stage for what is to come. As we watch the emergence of this transformative technology, we can eagerly anticipate the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

Majd Hailat

Majd Hailat

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[11:06] What are the current changes or trends you are observing in the market, and how are they influencing your business strategy? 

[12:53] Do you have any significant business initiatives addressing concerns such as environmental issues and the energy consumption associated with blockchain technology, considering that the bear market is temporary and these issues are gaining attention? 

[14:24] What are the benefits of enabling game builders to launch their own customized white label NFT marketplaces through Altura? 

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"The ultimate goal is to create an experience that feels magical to the user, something that brings them joy and happiness, and just feels amazing to be a part of." - Majd Hailat 

"We're really looking forward to the future where there are these amazing high-quality games that are being built with blockchain and Web3 as a secondary element." - Majd Hailat 

"We really think that blockchain and NFTs and Web3 is the next step for gaming and we are really excited to be a part of that." - Majd Hailat 

"If you can prove that you're doing something good for the environment, and you're working towards a better future, then I think people will appreciate that and they will want to support your platform more." - Majd Hailat 

"It sounds like you're really trying to bridge that gap between the developer and the player, which I think is so important in today's world." - Joeri Billast 



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