Web3 and AI can take your biz to new heights
And you're ready to harness their power
But feeling lost and overwhelmed
Therefore join our AI-enhanced Web3 marketing mastermind!

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our weekly W3X Mastermind

  • Refine Your Web3 and AI Vision: Understand your goals and objectives in the Web3 space, with a special focus on the potentials of AI. Develop a clear, actionable plan that fully harnesses these technologies.
  • Create Powerful Connections: Network with industry leaders and experts in both Web3 and AI, learning from those who are already succeeding in these interconnected spaces.
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  • Seize New Metaverse Opportunities: Learn about and take advantage of the latest trends and developments in the Metaverse, and use them to drive your Web3 marketing success. 
  • Leverage AI for Hyper-Personalization: Discover how AI can drive your marketing efforts, tailoring your strategies to unique user needs and creating deeply personalized customer experiences.
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  • Get Expert Guidance: Receive guidance and mentorship from seasoned Web3 and AI professionals, keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest trends and best practices.
  •  Stay Up-To-Date with Web3 and AI Marketing Trends: Stay on top of the newest developments in the Web3 and AI spheres, ensuring your marketing strategies remain cutting-edge and effective.
  • Get Access to All Previous Mastermind Recordings: Gain access to recordings of all previous mastermind calls to quickly get up-to-speed on past insights and discussions.

The current investment is $750 per month or $7500 for 12 months.
For pricing details in a currency other than the US dollar, or other questions,
feel free to reach out at hello@efficado.com

(*) Note: this offer is only available for a very limited time. Take action today, because the membership fee will increase as more members join. However, if you join now, you'll lock in the current rate.

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