Steering Through the Web3 Landscape: Curiosity, Agility and Gender Dynamics with Ipshita Kumar

Agility and curiosity are widely regarded as critical attributes in the realm of Web3 marketing. A special guest, Ipshita Kumar, VP of Brand Innovation at Hype, walks us through her transition from co-founding Lemonade to leading brand innovation at Web3 Creative Agency and how she's spearheading a revolution in the field. We unveil how the latest tech can be integrated into your marketing strategies, all while simplifying the complex jargon of Web3 for everyone. Ipshita also shares valuable insights on the art of staying current in a rapidly evolving sector, her secret sauce being a mix of thought leaders, newsletters, and communities. 

In the second half of our discussion, we delve into unchartered territory - gender dynamics in Web3 adoption. Navigating these dynamics can indeed be challenging, but Ipshita's experiences as a woman in the crypto space provide much-needed perspective. We also highlight how Hype strongly advocates for gender equality in leadership positions. As for the evolution of marketing roles in the Web3 space, we foresee the emergence of positions like metaverse leads and chief metaverse officers. Wrapping up the conversation, we probe into the potential of NFTs for businesses and discuss how Web3 technology can spearhead exciting opportunities for brands. Strap in for an enlightening conversation.

Exploring the Future with Web3: A Deep Dive with Ipshita Kumar

Web3, the next evolution of the internet, is swiftly capturing the world’s attention. In this podcast episode, we ventured into the depths of this revolutionary tech frontier with none other than Ipshita Kumar from typepartners.

Web3 - The Game Changer

For those who are just setting foot into the vast expanse of Web3, it is more than just a buzzword. At its core, Web3 represents a decentralised version of the internet, offering a world where platforms, applications, and systems are free from the control of central entities.

The implications of this? A more democratic, secure, and transparent online landscape, which holds the promise to profoundly transform industries, including marketing and branding.

The Dilemma: Anonymity vs. Customer Understanding

One of the significant challenges the brands grapple with in Web3 is anonymity. While Web3 upholds the user's privacy by allowing transactions without revealing personal details, for businesses, this presents a maze. How do they understand their customer's preferences or habits without access to this critical data?

Ipshita shed light on how brands tackle this challenge. Instead of resisting the new paradigm, forward-thinking companies are finding a middle ground by blending Web2 technologies with Web3. The aim? To understand and serve their customers without compromising the principles of Web3.

Women in Crypto: Changing the Landscape

Diving into the gender dynamics of the crypto realm, it's evident that we're still navigating a predominantly male-driven space. Ipshita shared candidly about the often lonely experience of being the sole woman in meetings, echoing a sentiment that many women in tech fields can relate to.

However, the horizon isn't all gloomy. Agencies like 'hype,' where Ipshita works, are setting an example. They boast senior leadership roles held by dynamic women, signifying a shift towards a more balanced, inclusive industry.

The Future: Metaverse and Beyond

Web3 doesn’t stop at decentralised internet systems. The conversation naturally drifted towards the burgeoning world of NFTs and the metaverse. Imagine a future where brands don't just strategize their content calendar for TikTok or Instagram. Instead, they plan for virtual realms like Sandbox, Decentraland, or even their virtual worlds. Exciting, isn't it?

Ipshita passionately spoke about the potential shift in roles within companies. Just as we witnessed the evolution from non-existent social media roles a decade ago to the present where multiple positions revolve around it, the Web3 space promises similar transformative changes.

Musing on the concept, we even joked about the term 'CMO'. Could it evolve from 'Chief Marketing Officer' to 'Chief Metaverse Officer'? Only time will tell.

My Journey Into the Web3 Space

Ending on a slightly introspective note, Ipshita turned the tables, asking about my journey into the Web3 space. From a background in business analytics to marketing and investment, my curiosity has always driven me. Witnessing the emergence of new technologies and understanding their implications is what excites me. It's a spirit I encourage every listener to embrace: always be curious, explore, and be open to growth.


Web3 is not just about technology or decentralisation. It's about a mindset shift, a new world where boundaries are continuously redefined. As your host and guide in this expansive realm, my mission is to lead you on transformative journeys, shedding light on new vistas and insights that go beyond the transactional.

The future is promising, and together, we'll explore every nook and cranny. Stay tuned for more episodes that dive deep into the fascinating world of Web3 and beyond.

If you enjoyed this exploration, share the love! And remember, transformation is just one episode away.

Ipshita Kumar

Ipshita Kumar


[01:59] Ipshita, could you briefly outline your journey from co-founding Lemonade to becoming VP of Brand Innovation at Hype, along with some key takeaways from your experience? 

[03:01] How do you stay updated? Do you listen to podcasts, attend conferences, watch webinars, or engage in other activities to keep up to date? 

[04:25] As a recognized authority in Web3, could you highlight the key technological aspects that marketers should grasp or integrate into their strategies? 

[07:21] Could you share lessons you've learned and offer advice for businesses considering NFT integration? 

[10:19] Could you discuss its importance of collaboration or provide an example of your collaborations within the Web3 space? 

[12:31] Could you discuss the challenges you've faced while promoting Web3 adoption and innovation in conventional sectors like the beverage industry? 

[16:35] Could you share insights on gender dynamics in the crypto space and how they've evolved over time? 

[19:05] What aspects of Web3, NFTs, or the upcoming Metaverse excite you the most? 


"Web3 is like witnessing the birth of a new universe; everything we know about the digital world is getting a fresh perspective." - Ipshita Kumar 

"There's a dilemma we're all trying to navigate: how do you truly understand your customer in a realm that so deeply values anonymity?" - Joeri 

"Being the only woman in a crypto meeting sometimes feels like being a fish out of water, but it's the challenge and the potential for change that keeps me swimming." - Ipshita Kumar 

"Imagine a world where your brand’s next strategy meeting isn't about the next TikTok trend, but about creating an experience in a virtual realm like Decentraland." - Joeri 

"We're on the cusp of a transformative phase where today's 'Chief Marketing Officers' might just evolve into tomorrow's 'Chief Metaverse Officers'." - Ipshita Kumar 



Albright women: A project or platform that Ipshita Kumar works on during her free time. 





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