S1 E45 How to Apply the Principles and Values of Agile with Inbound Digital Sales – with Anthony Coppedge




Today's guest is Anthony Coppedge. He leads the vision for how business agility is infused in Digital Sales at IBM. He relishes the chance to sabotage mediocrity. He fuels his heart by mentoring, writing, teaching, and coaching a variety of audiences.

He started applying Agile in marketing in 2009 at a software company and has been iterating and learning for the past 10 years how to reframe the dynamic between Marketing & Sales.


[00:28] Can you explain about digital sales by applying the principles and values of agile with the changing world of inbound digital sales?

[02:10] How do you make them work to get an equal?

[07:45] Does he take much effort for people to do short term strategy?

[11:59] How do you start making transformation towards you a better way of working?

[16:38] What do you mean with less meetings?

[19:04] How can people contact you?


“Blame and shame are never the solution.”

“Pointing fingers never solves anything. What it does is it creates enmity; it separates and it keeps an us versus them.”

“As long as you're learning, it's not really failure. If you stop learning, that's a problem”




LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonycoppedge/

Medium: https://anthonycoppedge.medium.com/

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